Kingdom Rush iPad Strategy

Kingdom Rush iPad StrategyOccasionally I’m challenged by you guys to beat a video game 🙂 Supposedly there are no Kingdom Rush iPad Strategy articles out there? I was told it was a pretty tough strategy game so I gave it a go.

Below I show you how I beat Kingdom Rush levels Sarelgaz Lair and the Ruins of Acaroth. These are the final 2 levels and if you can beat them, you can beat the rest.

If you have questions on beating other levels leave a comment below.

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Kingdom Rush iPad Strategy

  •  Build 2 Military Baracks to block the final path
  • Build 1 Dwarven Bombard up to Big Bertha + Fully upgraded Dragonbreath Launchers
  • If I can’t get Dragonbreath Launchers before there is a flying attack build 2 Mage Towers
  • Build 3 or more Big Bertha’s with Launchers
  • Build Adept Towers with level 3 Death Rays
  • Build Sorcerer Towers with level 3 Elementals for the final big boss
  • Rush out all enemies except for Gargoyles, Necromancers, Dark Slayers, Rocket Riders and Goblin Zappers

That is the basic strategy for Kingdom Rush iPad version.

Kingdom Rush Sarelgaz Lair Upgrades

Here are the upgrades I used versus Sarelgaz.

Sarelgaz Upgrades

Kingdom Rush Sarelgaz Lair Build Order

This is what the screen looks like at the end of Sarelgaz Lair.

Sarelgaz Final Screen

Now I’ll cover my build order. Use the numbers on the screen to figure out which tower you should place where.

  1. Big Bertha
  2. Barbarians
  3. Big Bertha
  4. Sorcerers Tower
  5. Barbarians
  6. Big Bertha
  7. Big Bertha
  8. Big Bertha
  9. Sorcerers Tower
  10. Big Bertha
  11. Big Bertha
  12. Adept Tower
  13. Adept Tower
  14. Nothing

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11 Responses to “Kingdom Rush iPad Strategy”

  1. Francesco says:

    How about you try your hand at Rotten Forest with 50 upgrades or less?
    Thanks for those tips!

  2. Aldel says:

    Hey, you have a good strategy ! But let me tel you one thing i’ll have to disagree whith u , i beat ruins of acaroth in a similar way but insted of adept tower i use archers and in the end sold them for elementals, i end whith more money, so just to tell u each peapole has their own strategy, i think it is not a good tip to say archerrs are useless, they are only in the way u play the game and it works for u but not for all the pepole ,
    Pd: pleas excuse my english im not a native speaker as u can see 🙁
    Very nice blog

    • admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like my site. I’m sure your probably much better at games than I. As you can tell I almost never cover video games here. Thank you for stopping bye and saying Hi

  3. Scooter says:

    thanks!! best strategy guides i’ve found!! worked perfectly both levels. how about doing one for Rotten Forest level??

  4. Richard Glenn says:

    I cannot get the upgrades to work on my Ipad version in the campaign normal mode. Any suggestions. I am stuck at the Stormcloud Tempke mission.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ale to mabyć gra

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why there’s no more level after I play the rotten forest

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