How to Become Motivated Pt 2

Illustration of the brainThere seems to be much interest in my last article on How to Become Motivated, so I’ll give you another exercise. From the email’s I’m receiving people seem to be having a hard time visualizing the step’s needed to accomplish their goal’s.

In the last article I talked about Framing, Visualizing, and Dissociated View Points. You need to understand all of these topic’s before you can continue with this article, so read How to Become Motivated Part 1, before you continue.


Let me take a bit to further explain Framing, because you the wonderful reader’s seem to not completely understand it. People react differently towards information, based on how it is presented. Like my baby example in the previous article. Your child’s birth is much more important than the birth of a stranger.

Framing goes further than that though. Think about this experiment done by 2 psychologists Tversky and Kahneman. There are two option’s available, to save 600 people infected with a deadly disease. Which would you choose:

  • Option 1: Saves 200 peoples’ lives
  • Option 2: Has a 33% chance of saving all 600 people, and a 66% chance of saving nobody.

Chances are very good that you choose Option 1. Why? Both option’s would provide the same result’s (200 live’s saved), but because of the differences in framing the options, you read the options differently.

  • Option 1: Emphasizes lives saved
  • Option 2: Emphasizes lives lost

People will usually avoid risk in choices involving gains. As well, people will except risk in choices involving loss.

This information can easily be used to trick people into thinking you can read their mind by the way! You could also use it to get people to agree with you!

The “As If” Frame

We used framing in the previous article. That Framing technique is known as Well-Formed Outcome Frame. I’ll now talk about the As If Frame.

The As If Frame is used to help people solve problems, by having them pretend that they already have. This is a great way to step away from an issue and look for possible solutions. When you are in the right state, you need to ask questions such as:

  • What steps did I take to succeed? (Imagine yourself 6 months in the future)
  • How did some person solve this problem?
  • If I had all the tools and resources, how would I solve this problem?
  • If I changed this one issue, how easily could I succeed?
  • If I didn’t have to deal with some issue, how easily could I succeed?

The As If Frame Step’s

Here are the step’s you should follow to utilize the As If Frame:

  • Decide what solution you would like to find.
  • Imagine yourself, in the future, with the solution found.
  • Pretend you have solved your problem.
  • See your dissociated self (see your body) easily handling the former problem.
  • See and feel that which is different about this new you.
  • What new abilities and tools did you gain, as you solved your problem?
  • What can you now do, now that this problem is solved?
  • Ask yourself what options did this future you try that you have not?
  • Think about the people that helped this future you solve your problem?
  • What tools and resources did the future you use to solve the problem?

You should now know the steps to follow to solve your problem. You should know what tools and people to gather as well. If not, jump up and down. Relax and imagine yourself at a point further in the future. Remember to see yourself in your imagination (Dissociated Self). Don’t see the world through your own eye’s.

The goal of this Frame, is to allow you to gather all of the potential choice’s available to you. Normally people have trouble finding solutions because they limit themselves. If you now find yourself with many more option’s, you have succeeded.

That’s All Folk’s

I should rename this website the Therapist’s Couch. Keep the question’s coming. As you can see, I read every email and I love helping people through problems. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below.

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