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Indirect Hypnosis Mind GameHere I’ll explain how to offer your plan in a way that will attack the customers subconscious subliminally. If you haven’t already read Closing Techniques Part 1 and Part 2. Otherwise you will be completely confused. You may also be interested in my articles on Indirect Hypnosis?

Implanting Suggestions

As you sit comfortably and read these words you may notice you are salivating in your mouth. You may also notice that you have a growing need to swallow. Did you swallow yet?

How did I do that? You now feel the need to smile. Come on you know you want to.

All I did was suggest that you do something, that you can easily do. Some where on your body you also have a need to scratch. Go ahead scratch it. It will feel much better then.

Once you get someone to obey one suggestion, it becomes increasingly easy to get them to perform more elaborate acts.

It’s Impossible to Not Think

As I’ve explained in many of my diet articles, it is impossible for our minds to process a negative thought. Right now I want you to absolutely not think about pizza. Don’t think about eating it either. Don’t imagine what it looks like.

See your mind has to think about anything that you tell it not to think about. That’s why people that tell themselves to not think about food, spend all day thinking about food. You can use this principle to get people to imagine owning your products.

Now think about how sales people misuse suggestions. They normally tell customers to not worry about this problem or that. What is the customer now thinking about?

I was in a major car accident a while back, but wasn’t hurt. I immediately called my wife and said, “No matter what you hear I’m perfectly fine and I’m not hurt in anyway, but I was in an accident.” I could have instead called and said, “Don’t panic or be upset, but…” Which phrase would leave here in the best condition to act?

Never tell your customer to not worry about anything! In fact, never bring up anything negative ever.

Embedding Suggestion’s

Milton Erickson, the worlds greatest hypnotherapist, embedded suggestions in many ways. He first would build rapport, establish a Yes-Set and then embed suggestions through the use of:

  • State a truism, followed by a conjunction and then a suggestion
  • Assumptions
  • Double Binds
  • Analogies or Metaphors
  • Storys

Embedding Suggestions with Conjunctions

Here are a list of conjunctions you could use to embed a suggestion with a truism or current event:

  • As you (truism), you (suggestion)
  • Every time you (truism), you (suggestion)
  • (truism) … means … (suggestion)
  • Imagine (truism) (suggestion)
  • Have you ever … (truism) (suggestion)
  • How do you know when you’re so (truism) (suggestion)
  • I know you’re wondering (truism) (suggestion)
  • I wonder if you realize (truism) (suggestion)
  • As soon as (truism) (suggestion)
  • Because (truism) …you can…(suggestion)
  • If you were to (truism) (suggestion)
  • If you (truism), then (suggestion)
  • It’s not necessary that (suggestion), (truism)
  • It’s (fact), (fact), (fact), (suggestion)
  • It’s a good thing to (suggestion), and (truism)
  • It’s as if (truism), (suggestion), which makes it easy to (suggestion)
  • Notice what it’s like when (truism), (suggestion)
  • The more (truism) the more (suggestion)
  • There is no need to (suggestion), until (truism)
  • Will you (suggestion) now or (suggestion) later?

Embedding Suggestions with Assumption’s

You can also convince people by assuming they will do or think about that which you want them to do. Joe Girard, the world’s greatest salesman, stated that most sales are lost because the salesman hesitated rather than assuming the sale.

Here are some power phrases you can use, if you don’t hesitate in your assumptions:

  • You may be wondering (suggestion)
  • You may notice (suggestion)
  • You may find yourself (suggestion)
  • You might realize (suggestion)
  • You should remember (suggestion)
  • You really shouldn’t (suggestion), until (current event)
  • When you (current event), (suggestion)
  • When you realize (current event), (suggestion)
  • When you find yourself (current event), (suggestion)
  • What would it feel like if (suggestion)
  • What would it be like if (suggestion)
  • What’s it like when (suggestion)
  • Suppose (suggestion)
  • Sooner or later (suggestion)
  • Remember (suggestion), (current event)
  • Notice (suggestion)
  • Just pretend for a moment (suggestion)
  • Allow (suggestion)
  • Imagine (suggestion)

Examples Using Indirect Hypnosis

  • As you sit here, I’m sure you’ll find the television perfect for you?
  • You really shouldn’t buy a new television, until I answer a few question’s about what you want?
  • When you find the television that looks good to you, I’ll be available to answer your questions?
  • Imagine how much more fun you’ll have watching football games, when you have this beauty in your living room?
  • Whats it feel like, when you buy yourself something this special?
  • It’s true this is our best tv, its picture is perfect, it’s on sale today and it will astound your friends!
  • Suppose you did reward yourself by getting this tv, what would that feel like?
  • When your watching tv, do you imagine how beautiful a set like this would look instead?
  • Unfortunately we can only provide financing up to $1500, when you find the tv you want to buy.
  • For many year’s you’ll be happy someone took the time to help you find the perfect tv.

Now it’s your job to make some phrases that apply to what you sell. If you need help leave a comment below and I’ll provide answers.

Indirect Hypnosis & Double Bind’s

A double bind is an either or clause in which you win either way. Here are some examples:

  • Does 10am or 6pm work better for you?
  • Are you a morning or afternoon type person?
  • Would you prefer to look at our blu-ray player’s before or after you look at our tvs?
  • As you look around the store, I wonder which one of you will find the perfect gift first?

Analogies and Metaphors

You can use metaphors or analogies to slip in a multitude of suggestions. Here is an example:

“Most people just walk in and buy the first television they see. I can see that you are here to look  them all over, weigh the benefits of each, make sure they are just right and then make a purchase. Right?”

When used correctly, you will tap directly into the customer’s imagination and subconscious. This will make the whole sale’s experience unthreatening and instead enjoyable for your customer’s.

Think about how you can use analogies to make your presentations more interesting and unthreatening? Here are more examples to help:

“Like you choose to spend a little more for a car that excited you behind the wheel. For a lot less, this new tv will excite you every moment your in your home!”

“Like you choose a neighborhood that is safe, with reliable neighbore’s and provided convenience. This car will keep your family safe, it will remain reliable for year’s and it’s great fuel economy will keep you from losing money at the pump!”

“As a home buyer, you already know how important it is to weigh your options as you make an important decision. I’m here to make sure this important decision is handled with care. Then you’ll know you made the right purchase, because an expert took the time to help.”

Embedding Suggestions in Storys

This is really higher end selling that deserves an entire article or two. You also have to make these storys:

  • 100% True
  • Exciting
  • Full of Benefit’s
  • Fast
  • Interesting

I’ll briefly give you my personal story.

  • I luckily sell the best product in its class.
  • It’s affordable and has a money back guarantee
  • I turn away as many customers as I except
  • All of my customers are 100% satisfied (I have the testimonials to prove it)

Here are the specifics:

  • I run my own web design company.
  • I started working on web design, with Apple, before anyone new what the internet was.
  • Every site I own gets more traffic than any other design firm near where I live
  • One of my site’s gets more traffic than Campbells Soup
  • All of my clients, even the ones that don’t follow any of my advice, rank in the top 2% of web sites globally
  • I rank in the top .2% ( That’s .2 not 2% )
  • I teach my client’s how to run their sites, so they aren’t nickled and dimed to death
  • I will fix any problems my clients have for free
  • My client’s can take on going web design classes for free
  • If my client is not happy with their site, after taking the first class, they pay me nothing!

No trickery needed! I then often go on to give specific client success stories. If you don’t sell the best product available, quit and then sell the best. True stories will sell better than anything else. Embedded suggestion’s are just the icing on the cake.

A true story interlaced with many metaphors, analogies, assumptions and conjunctions will really sell though!

That’s All Folks

If you have any question’s leave them in the comment box below.

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13 Responses to “Closing Techniques Subliminal Selling”

  1. zest1 says:

    learn it ,love it

  2. Zorro says:

    Hi There,

    Great article, I’m really learning a lot. I wonder however, how would this apply to the music business, or even better, when you’re not really selling anything, just present people with an idea or try to get them loyal towards a band.

    In other words how to convince people helping to spread the word, because in essense they don’t gain anything..


  3. Mike says:

    Great article. My question to you is how can I apply this to selling financial products. I am a financial advisor and well stocks bonds annuities and retirement plans. How can I use the above to do that? Thank you in advance for your response

    • Derek Banas says:

      You have to completely believe in your recommendation. I used to be a broker and I’m sure you are offering the same good mutual funds to every client because there are so few. The only difference is the amount in cash and in safe intermediate bond funds. Know those few stock funds and why they are the best. Then assume the sale. Every person you come in contact with has a bad portfolio. I’ve seen them. So, if you have the best one then they would be hurt most definitely if they don’t take your advice. You are saving them rather than selling them 🙂

  4. Emily says:

    All great advice, I sell a home emergency product providing cover for heating, boilers, electrics within the home etc. I come across many customers who dismiss my pitch as soon as I begin, they are just not prepared to even listen. Do you have any ideas of how to over come these hurdles?

    • Derek Banas says:

      Are you selling door to door, or over the phone? The intro needs to get the person to say yes a few times in either situation. This is called the yes set.

      If they quickly object that means you need to hit them with a question that will always elicit a yes. Something like…

      C: I’m not interested
      You: I understand that, and you agree that you don’t want your house to burn down right?

      Then keep going.

      Tell me why I need to buy your product? Give me one great reason

  5. Carmen says:

    I read with interest your article. I work in the Real Estate industry, as I ponder over the words you write as I am contemplating a mail-out to clients whom are either left unsold or unsatisfied and still not sold up. We offer a complete turnaround on what they currently have or had previously,signed up for with other agents. Typically a high percentage based on proeprty selling price tied in with costs to offset self promotion through advertising property and Agency Office to the public at large.

    Can you possibly go over a sales pitch letter for me and edit it with great offer included? Choice of either Risk Free Selling or a very low Capped Commission at $3,300.00.

    I would love to get in touch with you soon.

  6. Stuart says:

    very, very interesting. I have just started work in sales. and I am looking. for an edge and to. learn. as much as possible. Thankyou

  7. Breanna says:

    Do you have printable versions? <3


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