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Google LogoIn this article I’m going to talk about:

  • Common Mistakes People Make on their Web Sites
  • Search Engine Keyword Optimization
  • How to do SEO on your Content
  • What you Should Write About
  • Viral Marketing

Common Website Mistakes

Most people think their websites should look like a brochure. If they do this they are missing out on the opportunity to:

  • Get any traffic: If your not in the top 2%, your site gets 2 to 3 visits per week
  • Educate customers on why your the best, by demonstrating your knowledge
  • Gain customers eager to do business with the people that helped and educated them

If your site looks like an advertisement you will never be able to use it successfully to get business. Gen X and Gen Y, who make the majority of their purchases online, are not persuaded to through traditional marketing. See my article Generation Marketing for more info on that subject.

Most Web Designers Don’t Know How to Make a High Traffic Site

Most web designers spend all of their time working on the appearance of the site. Most don’t:

  • Submit you to search engines
  • Think at all about SEO keyword usage
  • Make your website search engine friendly

How to Make a SEO Website

You have to use the right web site platform. In my opinion, that platform is WordPress. It is completely free and here is a WordPress Video Tutorial, that will teach you how to use it.

You also must change the focus of your site. Minimize your advertising and instead focus on the people that will by from you. Devoting your site to buyers rather than your products might not make sense to you. Your product or service is secondary when you market on the web.

You must provide a buyer focus because:

  • People go to the internet for content, not advertising
  • You create profitable relationships on the web by providing content
  • By answering all their questions, they grow to trust your other advice

Other Website Tips

  • Check if web developers know what they’re doing by checking their traffic rank at
  • Provide easy ways to contact you on every page
  • Provide easy ways for your visitors to comment on every page
  • Provide easy ways for visitors to send your content to social networks
  • Advertising should represent 10% of your total text on each page
  • Keep images small and professional
  • Your text should be dark on a very light background
  • Your site should provide information through text, video, audio, etc
  • Your site should be focused on your cure audience

Search Engine Keyword Optimization

Before you can SEO your content, you have to know who your visitors are. You also must figure out what phrases they are using to find your website content.

Chris Anderson wrote a great book called The Long Tail. In the book he explains that you can drive tons of traffic to your site by focusing on niche phrases rather than highly competitive words and phrases.

So search engine keyword optimization is best handled this way for the term bicycles. While “Bicycle” gets 11,000,000 hits per month, you’ll never capture that phrase because of competition. Instead make your site number 1 when they type in less competitive phrases, like:

  • Bicycle Weight: 9,900 hits per month
  • Bicycle Biking: 14,800 hits per month
  • Bicycle Rear: 110,000 hits per month

These phrases have a much lower level of competition and if you capture them you’ll earn an extra 140,000 hits per month. Not to shabby!

Rank Optimization is best achieved by targeting the vast number of underserved audiences. Don’t focus on creating a one size fits all website, but instead focus on the niches. How do you find the niches:

What are People Searching for

Free SEO Tools

You’ll also be interested in Free SEO & Page Rank Software

How to do SEO on your Content

After you find your phrases:

  • Focus your website or blog on those phrases
  • Base your domain name or names off of those phrases
  • Base your page titles off of those phrases
  • Put those phrases in your page descriptions
  • Use those phrases on inbound links if possible
  • Make sure your phrases are not heavily targeted
  • Make sure the phrases are not to general, like the bicycle example

What you Should Write About

To find out what you should write about just visit the blogs and forums that your target market uses. Interact with those that you find there. I talk about how to do that in Social Network Marketing. Then write about the questions that you find unanswered there.

Focus on Attracting Browsers

There are two ways people interact with websites. They either search or browse. Most websites make the mistake of attracting searchers that stop by for a minute and then leave again.

By providing links to similar articles you are providing answers to questions that visitors never thought to ask. You can also attract more browsers by:

  • Anticipate needs and provide the content to meet them ahead of time
  • Provide e-books that visitors can take with them
  • Make it easy to see all of your content on one page with a site map
  • Use interesting titles that will draw in readers
  • Base your articles on solving problems
  • Provide interesting stories
  • Provide content in text, video and audio
  • Provide an RSS feed (See How to Setup a Feedburner Google Account)

Viral Marketing

Most people who try to create a viral article or video fail. I have done a ton of research in this area and have interviewed people who created viral articles and video and here is what I found.

  • A huge amount of luck and timing goes into content that goes viral
  • The content is normally homemade and done by amateurs
  • The content is original, normally funny, and provided in a large community based site, that provides easy ways to share the content. (YouTube is a perfect example)

Those that have successfully gone viral many times state that they have many more failures for every success. They state that you need to:

  • Create content everyday
  • Love what your doing
  • Pay attention to hot trends
  • Interact with the community on your site and others like it

Then one day, the article you thought nobody would read, will become your biggest hit.

That’s All Folk’s

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below.

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8 Responses to “SEO Your Content : Search Engine Keyword Optimization”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This website doesn’t have a high alexis rating . Is there any reason in particular why you have setup that way?

    • admin says:

      Traffic is relative.

      1. I get more traffic in a day than 95% of sites in the world.
      2. I get more traffic in a year than 99.6% of sites in the world
      3. Facebook gets as much traffic as I do in a year in about 2 hours.
      4. Based off of all the sites in the world I do well, but Facebook is number 1. There is a deep divide

    • Hi sir,
      Today, I am not going to talk about the tutorials which are no doubts very helpful for web-designers. However, I want to talk about something serious about my life style and how it is going and will be going throughout my life. I actually , wanted to some professional course like MBA, MCA or B.Tech. But unfortunately, due to some financial crisis, not able complete these courses, Here in India, If you have such degrees , you are recognized otherwise not. All of friends are now successful and happy with their pay-packages as they did professionals courses , I only did Bsc( simple graduation). It is been 4 years of my job, after my graduation, I am not as happy as my friends are. I know It may sound something weird to you, that why are listening to me ?
      But somewhere or other, I believe everyone is born with a purpose. I also have some purpose in my life but that is hidden. even, I do not realize what purpose I am associated with. While I was trying to find these answers, I finally found something very interesting, how about becoming a web designer and doing a freelancing job along-with my current job which does not pay me much ,only pay my bills and rents , nothing is saved for future.
      So in a nutshell, I want to ask you, will it good decision for me to become a web-designer after learning your tutorials and shaping my future with this new leaning and development. My friends always say ” you should have done some professional courses to raise your salary”
      I always said ” I always wanted but couldn’t , but happy with stupid experiments”

      • admin says:

        Hi Jagannath

        You covered many things in your note. Just so you understand where I stand. I grew up in a cinder block home that was buried underground to conserve heat. We ate wild game and grew vegetables to survive. Later I worked in Cupertino and made a great deal of money. Over my lifetime I don’t believe money played any part in my happiness.

        I’m happy today because I’m very happily married with a child. I work as a consultant and don’t have a boss. Some months I make a lot of money and other times not so much. So, if you are going to work for yourself you have to be prepared for that.

        As per whether a person can make a living from the knowledge I provide on this site the answer is yes. The information in the article Create an Online Store has made my customers and myself thousands of dollars in a few months. If you figure out how to provide a service that generates more income than you cost, you will always find work.

        It’s funny. I often find myself competing for work with Indian web design firms. Because I don’t have any building, employee, etc. costs I normally charge the same rate. I think that is great and wish web developers in the US didn’t demand such high fees. It’s good for me I guess? If you learn knowledge that transfers into wealth creation you will do fine.

        By the way, I also dropped out of college because I couldn’t afford the costs decades ago 🙂 Feel free to ask any other questions. I however have no knowledge about India and have never traveled outside of my own country. You can definitely enlighten me on the economic situation and much more in regards to India.

        Thank you

  2. Isaac says:

    Major fan of your work, Derek. You’re obvious passion for what you do clearly shows in your videos. You’ve really helped (and continue to help) me out.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, just about everybody that makes one person websites like this definitely does it because they love it. There isn’t much money to be made and I’m very happy that I’m able to do it. It is very gratifying to be able to help people


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