How to Make Money Blogging

Make a Website Video TutorialI’ve been asked many times to explain how to automate WordPress posting. You can see an example of what an automated WordPress site looks like by going to This process should work no matter who hosts your site, but I’m going to explain how to do it using Go Daddy.

Special Note: This is the process taught by most of the internet gurus. You know the people who sell supposed get rich quick programs for a few thousand dollars?

How much money will this really make you? After a month, the site above generated about $18 in monthly revenue. I’m almost certain that the expensive programs generate almost as much money or less?

So, if you cut out the cost of hosting, $6.99 at Go Daddy, that is an extra $11 in your pocket per month. Multiply that times the number of sites you own and that number goes up significantly! Your welcome;) Note: After 3 months the blogs are now earning an average of $26.95!

If you don’t know what I mean by automating WordPress hosting? By installing a specific plugin called WP-O-Matic, you will be able to pull articles from any other site and have them post to your WordPress site. You do this by checking for changes in RSS feeds, but I found a way to pull data from sites that don’t have RSS feeds also. More on that later.

AutoBlogged is the professional feed grabber I talked about in the video. It is the best I have found, for the money.

Get and Set Up WP-O-Matic

If you don’t already have a WordPress site set up, watch the videos on this page How to Blog. Then just follow these steps to install the WP-O-Matic Plugin:

First Install SimplePie (Don’t worry about why)

  • In WordPress, click on Plugins in your left sidebar
  • Click on Add New in the left side bar
  • Search for SimplePie Core
  • Click on Install Now under SimplePie
  • If you get a popup that asks do you want to install SimplePie, click OK
  • Click Activate Plugin on the next page that pops up

Install WP-o-Matic

  • In WordPress, click on Plugins in your left sidebar
  • Click on Add New in the left side bar
  • Search for wp-o-matic
  • Click on Install Now under WP-O-Matic
  • If you get a popup that asks do you want to install WP-O-Matic, click OK
  • Click Activate Plugin on the next page that pops up
  • Under Settings, in your left side bar, click on WP-o-Matic
  • A setup screen opens
  • Yes SimplePie works on Go Daddy, but you can run the test if you’d like
  • You installed SimplePie in the last phase
  • Click next
  • Make sure your time zone is set and then click Next

Setting Up a Cron Job

Now don’t freak out. This sounds a lot more complicated than it is. You are basically just copying and pasting the code that is provided.

  • Copy the code that looks like this */20 * * * * /usr/bin/curl…
  • Login to your Go Daddy, or other hosting plan (The rest of the steps are specific to Go Daddy)
  • Click on My Account
  • Under My Products in your left sidebar, click on Hosting
  • Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch
  • Under Content at the top of your screen click on Cron Manager
  • Click on Edit, next to the Email Address heading and enter your email
  • Click save
  • Click Create Cron Job
  • Give the job a title
  • Paste in the command you got from WP-o-Matic
  • Set the frequency to zero for day and hour
  • Set minutes to 15 or whatever you’d like
  • Click Save

Create a Cache Folder in Go Daddy

Since you’re already in Go Daddy, you might as well set up a folder you’ll need later.

  • Click on the Home tab
  • Click on Your Files
  • Click on wp-content
  • Click on plugins
  • Click on wp-o-matic
  • Click on Create New Directory and give it the name cache
  • Click in the box next to the cache directory and click on the Permissions box
  • Click on the Advanced Permissions tab
  • Make sure all the box’s are ticked off under Owner Permissions, but leave the others alone
  • Click OK

Back to WP-O-Matic

  • Make sure the box is clicked next to the words “I’ll be using a cron job…”
  • Click Next
  • Click Submit

Set Up Options for WP-O-Matic

  • Click on the options link
  • Check off every box
  • Click Save

Link to a RSS Feed

Most websites you would want to take articles from have RSS feeds. The RSS feed just provides a list of the most recent articles and a brief description of the article.

You can find tons of feeds here Bloglines. Here are some of the most popular feeds:


Start Pulling Articles from Feeds

  • Click on add campaign inside the WP-o-Matic plugin
  • Add a Title probably should be the name of the feed?
  • Click the Feeds tab and cut and paste the url for the chosen feed
  • Click the Categories tab and chose the category to associate the feed with
  • Use the Rewrite options if you’d like?
  • Under the Options tab set a custom template if you want?
  • Set your Frequency to 15 minutes
  • Leave everything as it is but make sure Post title links to source, is left unchecked
  • Click Submit and your done

Now What Happens?

Now every time your chosen feeds post new content, new content is posted on your blog. I think the revenue you are able to generate, is going to be heavily dependent on your domain name. So pick a good one and have it relate to the feeds you are pulling from.

How to Get Articles from Any Page

There is a tool at, that will turn any page into a feed. They have a free and pay plans at Feedity. The only difference lies in how often the feeds are updated and the number of feeds you can follow. I’m going to assume your using the free version. Here is how to create the new feed with Feedity:

  • Go to and set up a free account
  • I’m pulling every article with the term “dieting” in it from
  • Go to and type dieting in the search field
  • Copy the URL on the dieting page on
  • Click Create New Feed on the Feedity website
  • Click on Advanced Refine

I analyzed the code for the chosen page by clicking on View Source in my browser. Here is a sample of the code:

<div class=”Post”>

<div class=”PostHead”>

<h1><A href=’’>Dieting For Weight Loss</A>(Article)</h1>


<div class=”PostContent”>The most common reason that people cite for dieting today is weight loss While most of us would love to claim the noble mantle of dieting for health the vast majority of us are doing so for vanity</div>

</div><div class=”Post”>

I then pasted <div class=”PostHead”> into the area labeled Title Start, in Feedity. Because this HTML tag surrounded every title for every post.

Then I pasted <div class=”Post”> in the box labeled Block. This is the tag that surrounds both the title and the article description. Then click on Refine and the new feed is created for you.

Then you click on the Get Feed button after you chose an appropriate feed category.Feedity will provide a link to the new feed on the next page. It’s not wonderful, but it works?

Other Ways of Getting Feeds

Yahoo put out a service called Yahoo Pipes that allows you to pull information from sites. It is very interesting and I plan on covering it in a future article.

Yes There are Professional Feed Grabbers Better than WP-O-Matic

AutoBlogged is a professional feed grabber. It does pretty much everything you wish WP-o-Matic did:

  • It cuts the ads out of the feeds
  • It grabs additional content such as the article, video, images, etc.
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • If you want more info and a discount on AutoBlogged, click on the link below

Click here to visit AutoBlogged.

That’s All Folk’s

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below.

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63 Responses to “How to Make Money Blogging”

  1. Celia says:

    Saw both your ‘make money blogging videos on youtube. Thanks for sharing!! But I was wondering whether this was completely legal to copy the content of these articles for your website.

    • admin says:

      As long as you don’t edit the articles and leave links back to the original nobody will mind if you copy part of the article. Also it is best to only copy part of the article and never copy the whole article if it spans multiple pages.

      Why do people like you to copy their articles?

      Google highly rewards websites that have many incoming links. By copying articles you are providing those incoming links. I love when people copy my stuff, as long as they provide a link back, which most people do.

  2. edwin says:

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Actually I’m using it now in my blog

    I learn new things from you like “How to Get Articles from Any Page”


  3. Jim says:

    Can you briefly clarify how money is made then from these types of sites? I am guessing since you rank high on search engines, someone goes to the sites, sees a googlead or similar and clicks on it, and you generate $ from the click throughs?
    Any other way(s)?

    • admin says:

      Yes I used to make all of my money through affiliate ads. I now am a YouTube partner and make money there in a similar way.

      My average videos pay me additional money that increases every month. The amount starts small, but adds up quick.

      This may not make sense because it is the opposite of the get rich quick scams you normally hear about.

      An average video pays you $1 the first month
      $1.43 the second
      $2.04 the third, etc.

      That number continues to increase indefinitely if your videos are time less. I hope that answers your questions? If not I’ll try to clarify. Thanks

  4. What about revenue sharing on youtube videos?Is it only accepted in partner accepted countries?Do you have to be over 18 to get revenue sharing?( as far as I know yes, because you need an adsense account)I am 13, I don’t think there are many people my age with this knowledge, I know about investing,forex trading,binary options, some web designing, html-xhtml and some programming.

    • admin says:

      It’s pretty hard to become a YouTube partner. I think you need at least 250,000 video views, 1500 subscribers and at least 1 video with at least 50000 views. That’s what it took for me to get a partnership anyway.

      As per the age limit you could get an adult to sign up for you. Your knowledge is quite impressive

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a question…

    in autoblogged as you use your post template? Thanks of a venezolan reader!

  6. Shinigamiyuk says:

    I think I am a little confused still. How do you set up how you make your money, and is it that people are clicking to go to your site, or are you using something like adsense that makes you the money?

    • admin says:

      Yes I set up a bunch of automated sites and place Google adsense ads on them. They for themselves in about 2 months and then they just generate free revenue with no additional work. They don’t make anywhere near as much money as this site which is 100% original content, but its free money so I’m not complaining

  7. Shinigamiyuk says:

    With wp-o-matic my page does not seem to update RSS feeds every 15 minutes. I did exactly what you said in the video.

  8. Matt says:

    This information is fantastic! I am also watching your Yahoo Pipes tutorials. My question is, since Google has released their Panda update, how have these types of site been effected? Are these the types of site Google is trying to punish and de-index?

    • admin says:

      To give you very exact numbers, I’ve seen a decrease of 4.84% in search traffic on automated sites over the last 2 months. I’ve heard others have received a 30% decrease. My original content sites have seen a 3.9% decrease in comparison. So basically Panda hurt the little sites whether they were 100% original or 100% automated. That is why I continue to drive traffic using YouTube, more than organic SEO. I hope that answers your questions?

  9. Padma says:

    This information is great. But I have few questions: Does this process still work. Does google ban your site from listing and from using google adsense.

    • admin says:

      I’ve never had any site banned. Every site has continued to payout well over what I’ve spent in time or money. I’m not talking about tons of money, but its nice money for the little effort I put in

      • Padma says:

        I guess I need to give this a try. Why did u add Cron job.. a bit confusing. And when you pull articles how are they categorized and how do you get traffic and people to your website. Sorry for all the questions.Thnx

        • admin says:

          I have an automated site at Maybe seeing one will answer your questions. It goes out and grabs articles based on the keywords I tell it to look for. It pretty consistently finds interesting stuff. Sometimes it is strange? Categories are picked based on what keywords matched and the website they are pulled from. If I start getting bad info I mess with the keywords. I got rid of the cron job and now perform a search randomly based on traffic levels. Ask as many questions as you like.

          • Padma says:

            Thnx for the information. Do you have more videos like this, I have seen your other video using pipes.

            In your automated site, do you do any SEO optimization.

            • Padma says:

              This question is not related to the above article but had seen your become youtube partner video in which you say how do you create videos, I have a question you also create cooking / recipe video how do u do that.

              • admin says:

                I use a cheap camera to record myself. That’s why the sound is so bad. I just move the camera around my kitchen on a little tripod. The cooking videos are the easiest to make. Most of my videos are largely improved, but the editing takes forever. My cooking videos on the other hand take normally 10-15 minutes to record and less than 30 minutes to edit.

                I plan on doing tutorials on electronic, chemistry and micro biology next year. I like to try new things. That is normally the kiss of death for most youtube / websites though. It’s better to stick to a very similar topic

            • admin says:

              I have tons of videos on SEO stuff.

              SEO Your Content
              Website Promotion
              Nobody Goes to your Website
              Find a Domain Name
              Get Noticed on a Message Board

              The easiest and cheapest way to make money online is with YouTube. It will cost you nothing to set up an account there. I make 3 times as much money there as I do with my sites combined!

              The most you will ever need to spend will be on the right computer and software. I started with a Mac Mini and iMovie. It cost me less than $200 for everything. I bought it on Ebay. If you post 2 or 3 videos a week for a year you should be making between $500 to $1,000 a month. You’ll keep getting paid over and over for your original investment of time. Everyone I have seen do this within 3 years lives 100% off their YouTube income.

              More people aren’t doing this because after the first 6 months you’ll not have much of a following unless you’re lucky. You can speed up this process by copying the Ze Frank format. That’s what most of the big guys and girls do on YouTube.

              There is some free advice on how to make money online without spending much of anything πŸ™‚

  10. padma says:

    I tried wp-o-matic on localhost, wordpress install but when i create a campaign was able to do that but am not able to see anything, also when i tried fetch option it’s shows 0 fetched. Can you help out

    • admin says:

      I’ve never tried to set it up on a localhost. Do you have a website? If so, just set up WordPress in a directory and try it out. Over time I stopped using WP-o-matic because I made my own version of a website scrapper that I liked better. I still use autoblogged on sites I don’t have time to pay attention to.

      • padma says:

        Thanks for the reply. Is your version available for download.Do u have any tutorial on the creating one if so.

        • admin says:

          My web scraper was built in Python. I demonstrate the basics on how it works here Website Scraping. I planned on providing the whole thing to the public, but it became so complicated that I decided not to. You could definitely make your own from the tips I provide. If you’d prefer a PHP website scrapper I have information on how to make one of those here PHP Website Scrapping. I hope that helps. These are pretty advanced tutorials

  11. padma says:

    Hello, Just a question is there any limit on how many feeds that you can pull in wp-omatic on a daily basic. And when u started this automation process how long did it take to increase ur adsense income. Apart from the example above do u have the same in other websites.Thnx for the help.

    • admin says:

      You can add an unlimited number of feeds. I actually created my own automated site, but it is to complicated to explain.

      The sites paid for themselves and more within the first two months. If you want to see one of my automated sites look here newjustin. I have no control over anything that is posted there. It makes really nice money on it’s own.

      Just understand that an automated site won’t make the money that a original site does. It does however provide free money. The more you make the more money you make

  12. Great, tutorial. I already started to do this, but how does the money get to you? Does it come in the mail?

  13. peter J.R. says:

    If you are interested in learning to how to make money online as a replacement for a full time job, then you should plan to invest time and energy learning a skill. There are countless prepackaged programs available across the internet that will show you how to become an affiliate marketer, web designer, or SEO consultant.

    • admin says:

      I agree that time is the number one requirement of being successful online. The problem with the programs that promise success online is that most are rip offs. I’ve never seen a good program that delivers on its promises and I’ve seen ones that cost as much as $7,500

  14. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I accidentally stumbled upon your youtube channel and eventually came down here.
    I love your vids, this site and the fact that you post on different kinds of topics, which all facinate me. I’ve never come across such a mix of my interests on one single site.

    Now my question:
    Could you suggest another (free) auto posting tool?
    Wp-o-matic uses cron jobs and I get my hosting at probably the only host that doesn’t support cron jobs (Ipage that is)

    And another reaction to one of the replies above:
    You said: “It’s pretty hard to become a YouTube partner. I think you need at least 250,000 video views, 1500 subscribers and at least 1 video with at least 50000 views”

    Now do I happen to have experimented a very little bit with youtube. I also got a partner account and all I have is a channel with 10 vids and 440 views.
    That’s 440 views for all vids combined (I repeated it to show it’s not a typo)
    The videos aren’t even mine, it are vids that are allowed to be used by the author (search for creative commons)
    Ofcourse that number of views doesn’t earn me a single penny, but I just say this to demonstrate that Partnership has become easier to get into lately. It does seem to be a bit random though, I’ve talked to people with vids that have 85000+ views and still no partnership. Just try and retry till you get it, I guess.

    Thanks for your great site and chan, I’ll go check them out a little more.

    • admin says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like the site. You aren’t supposed to post on so many topics like I do, but this is more of a hobby that accidentally started making money instead of the other way around.

      I guess it has become easier to become a partner lately? When I was made partner they used to talk about the honor that less than 1,000 partners exist. I don’t hear about that anymore.

      The easiest way to make money online is to copy the techniques used by Ze Frank. Everyone who is successful on YouTube copies from him. I break down what he did here How to Video Blog.

      Of course the super stars add their own style whether it’s through greenscreen, special effects, or incorporating others in the video for sketches. It’s still Ze Frank in the end.

      I use Autoblogged on most of my automated sites, but the trick is to keep your costs as low as possible. Again that’s why YouTube provides the best bang with zero cost.

      I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, send them over

      • Jonathan says:

        I saw your ZeFrank post and it’s very interesting, I might try this out later this year.

        I also saw your posts on Yahoo Pipes, do you still think it’s a good way to automate a blog?
        Before trying something like autoblogged I would like to get my feet wet for free. If I see the method works for me I can still invest in it later.

        I’ve been reading up on internet marketing on some forums but somehow don’t fully trust it. But your site and channel give me inspiration to keep experimenting.


        • admin says:

          Yes Ze Frank is the man. Yahoo pipes is way to messed up. Sometimes it works and other times not so much.

          I don’t believe most of the supposed experts either. I have seen many of their programs in person and I show you what most of them sell here Internet Gurus. That is the only article in which I received a cease and desist.

          Here is my advice: Don’t spend anything. I suppose you have a video camera of some sort. A cell phone will work. Post as many videos as possible on YouTube and see what happens. Copy Ze Frank if that appeals to you. Just understand it will take about 5 months to build a following.

          As per a website, I don’t think you need one. Google has done a very good job of killing most SEO techniques. They have not however blocked SEO techniques in YouTube. Use those techniques in your YouTube titles, descriptions and keywords to sneak on to page one of the search engines. I do it all of the time.


          • Jonathan says:

            I suppose I’ll be picking up where I left on my youtube venture then πŸ™‚

            I still have a website idea I want to work out but I already gave up SEO before panda came around.
            I want a semi automated blog with other traffic sources than SEO.

            I’m not comfortable going into furter detail in such a public place. Can I send you an email?
            If you’re ok with that, could you send me an email? Since you already have the adress πŸ™‚


  15. Chris says:

    Hi, I’ve stumbled upon your site from and find it very useful. I’m trying to play with the word-press auto blog set-up, but, I’m having trouble finding the wp-o-matic plugin. Is it still available?

  16. wew2005 says:

    I have been exploring many of your tutorials recently as I am trying to learn a lot more about web development, etc. and find yours to be more helpful than any others thus far. Thanks. I think you will have built up a huge crowd within a couple more years.

    Anyway, I have set up a website using your methods described just to practice on (thegossipinhollywood . com) and had a couple of questons:

    1) I am using HungryFEED instead of wp-o-matic to provide my rss feeds and it seems to work well. I searched for hours on end and couldn’t find any downloads for wp-o-matic. Are there any disadvantages to this method?

    2) I think this is most important: On NewJustIn, you have the links clickable so that it takes you to the article within your site where you provide an inconspicuous link back at the bottom of that page. My site just links straight to the yahoo page’s article. Is it autoblogged that does this for you? If not how is this accomplished?

    3) I noticed that you use a combination of Amazon and Adsense. Do you find it more effective to use several different affiliates as opposed to just adsense?

    Thanks for your time.

    • wew2005 says:

      ps the link to the wp-o-matic site above, 404s when you click the download button.

    • admin says:

      Hi Will, The newjustin site uses my own custom rss feed grabber. It mainly searches google trends, daily beast, youtube, alexa hot pages for content. I pay no attention to the articles/videos it grabs. It’s funny how it seems to sometimes be very political and sometimes gossipy? I’d provide it to people, but it is kind of a mess because of all the changes I made.

      Your site looks good. I’d just try to use google trends and alexa to find hot topics.

      As per affiliates. Amazon stinks! I make most of my money from google. On the new think tank site I make most of my money from YouTube ads, then Google ads, and then donations. The elegant theme affiliate has been paying out great because I have so many wordpress tutorials. Go Daddy used to pay good up until recently. Maybe because of the SOPA stuff? If an affiliate doesn’t pay out at least $100 per month I get rid of them.

      I hope that answers your questions. If not feel free to ask more. Derek πŸ™‚

      • wew2005 says:

        Thanks for the reply Derek, I look forward to working with your program should you decide to upload it in the future. I will do what you recommended with Alexa and Google Trends.

        In finding the domain, i used your domain finder method video (which was great info) and plan to apply it to more niche topics in the future should this little experiment work out.

        To drive traffic, I am only using the all in one seo plugin on WP and don’t know how effective this alone will be in getting traffic to the site (which is key, right?). For an automated site like mine that I wont be using videos and social media to promote, do you have any other helpful tips to drive traffic?

        • admin says:

          For automated sites the most important thing is your content. If you are one of the first blogs to post info on a hot topic you’ll get tons of traffic. You have to pull from things like google trends, but the alexa site is probably better yet. Pull articles once an hour 24 hours a day. My biggest days both came from articles that posted early in the morning. One was on the craigslist killer and the other was on the wikileaks shutdown. They both generated over 100,000 hits in 1 day.

          Having a good domain name also helps a ton. I go over how to do that here Find a Domain Name. Type new justin into a browser. There I am next to 2 massive stars Timberlake and Bieber

          You also want your content to be interesting. That’s why I feed in only articles that contain interesting keywords. I search for articles that contain both of these words for example “Mother, Defend, Infant” “Principle, Sex” “Teacher, Sex” “President, Assassination” “Jury, Billion” “leader, dead”, etc.

          If these words are in an article, chances are the article will be interesting. That’s what my program does that most don’t. I think autoblogged allows you to search for keywords like these in articles?

          After I set all of this up I just ignore the site. Yes I use all in one seo also. Your goal is to set it up right and then forget it. Chances are it won’t start making real money for a few months. And, if it isn’t paying for itself in 2 months chances are it never will. The domain name probably isn’t any good, or there is to much competition in that topic.

          I hope that helped

      • wew2005 says:

        Also, How do you recommend making use of Alexa’s hot topics in an automated way? Sorry for all of the questions. I’m learning!

  17. Chris says:

    Hey Derek, Great video and tutorial, after watching around 100 times and going back and forth from the site I think I’m getting it. But I’m having trouble getting stories that I want. I can pull recent stories but I’m only interested in barefoot related stories.

  18. John Smith says:

    Hi Derek,
    I did see anyone mention this: I couldn’t find wp-o-matic after installing simplepie core. On the Web, I read it was either sold or shut down or both. On the WP Forum, I found this: “WPeMatico is comming A new project like WP-o-Matic. I take only the title of every post for check duplicates, but I can make this more complicated. Very very soon I will upload the first beta release”
    I found it and will install. If it does not work, what should I do?
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      I went on to use a custom auto-blogging tool that I describe here Autoblogging Tutorial. I also use Autoblogged.

      After awhile I started making online shopping carts and started to make some serious money. I live off of that money now. I have everything about how I do that here Create an Online Store.

      If you are willing to put in the work of finding suppliers that will drop ship for you, you can make a lot of money. Just look for high margin products and then look for those suppliers near you. Do the work yourself instead of using the companies that promise to do the work of finding suppliers for you. The set up costs are extremely low. I can put up a shop for about $40.

      I hope that helps

  19. Cliff says:

    I’m curious if you plan to do a tutorial on Multipress Content Lite. This seems to be the latest and hottest replacement for wp-o-matic, and is, I would expect, much simpler that the Python coding tutorial that you mention above, although I found that also quite interesting. Is Multipress Content Lite as good as it is cracked up to be?

  20. Remy Etienne says:

    Hi Derek,
    I have created my own auto blog but it seems like this is not doing well in terms of generating traffic and revenue. I only have 2USD when this is already an old site except for the second one. Any idea why these are not generating the 18USD just like yours?

    Appreciate your help.

    • admin says:

      All of my aggregate sites are hosted on my own hosting plan. Also, Google really screwed over everyone last October. Since then I’ve been able to boost traffic by tying each site to a twitter page that also autoposts. You can’t really depend on Google anymore. You have to drive traffic in other ways than basic SEO. I hope that helps

  21. whiteknigth says:

    i realy liked the videos and try to do it.
    but i use feed
    to feed my yahoo pipes rss and found that feed only the title and when you pres you go to the orignal web page ,how do you make the get the content in your site?

    thank you
    sorry for my bad English ( but English not my mother Tongue)

  22. eugene says:

    Hey Derek, Thanks again for another great tutorial (as much as it’s now a couple years old:-))Though I’m still wondering, for instance, who will be paying me? and how will they know where to deposit the cash for me if they will in the first place?

    • Derek Banas says:

      You’re very welcome πŸ™‚ While this worked pretty well I ultimately started making shopping carts. They basically allowed me to quit working for the most part. Here is a tutorial on how I set pretty much everything for free Create an Online Store.

      All the tools I use are free except you need a hosting account. Feel free to use the theme I provide. Everything is free. Feel free to ask questions.


  23. Jody says:

    Hi Derek

    This is a really great post, I have learnt so much, thanks. I would like to ask if it was possible to produce an updated How to make money online video. The reason for my asking is that there are alot more plugins and perhaps an easier way for us newbies to things. Also, do you think that wp robot is any good and what other plugins do you recommend.


    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Jody,

      You found my updated tutorial on how to make money online with my Create an Online Store article and videos.

      That is exactly what I still do today. I have not found a better way to make money online. I think anyone can do it if they are willing to learn how to deal with distributors and to do the research to find high margin products. I just opened another store 3 weeks ago and it is already doing great.

      I wish you the best πŸ™‚

  24. Mamta says:

    Hi Derek,
    Your tutorials are a great help. Thank you so much for all the effort.
    I tried to do as explained in this tutorial, but was unable to customise my web page to get it categorised as I have noticed you doing in Did you make further changes to the page to make it look good? What I got through at my site, was only some information from feeds which is really incomplete. Also, I just used the wordpress installer available on godaddy to make my blog page with a theme available there for free. I’m struggling hard to get it right. At least if you can show how you set up the home page to look like how it is now, that will give me some direction.
    Thanks so much again!

    Best regards,

    • Derek Banas says:

      I ditched that idea a few years back. It was making money pretty much on its own, but Google was starting to block all my sites. I switched over to selling stuff online since then. I have everything here on how I did it. Everything I use is free. I hope it helps.


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