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This presentation contains tips that will dramatically increase your success on the phone. Some of the topics covered include:

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YouTube Preview ImageIn 2001, I decided I wanted to be a stock broker. I had worked in research and development for Apple and in Marketing and I thought that being a stock broker would some how inform me on how the world really worked. I was right in some ways, wrong in others.

The only problem was that I was thrust into a situation in which my co-workers were used to potential clients who became ecstatic by calls from a local stock broker. The stock market had been on an improbable 20 year run in which everyone was making money. In 2001, that dream was about to end. I was given phone scripts that didn’t work in a falling stock market. As I applied the belief that sales is a numbers game for many months I decided to throw out the scripts of this huge corporation and start a new. Sales is not a numbers game! If you call a thousand people with a bad script you will fail a thousand times. Sorry. In this article, I will do my best to equip you with many scripts that I found great success with.

I read over 100 of the best sales books and found that most weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. I did however make one discovery. If you ever get the objection “I need to think about it”, that means you hesitated at some point in assuming the sale! That might not sound like a great revelation, but it was the basis of how I became a successful telemarketer. (Sorry to shatter dreams, but all stock brokers are telemarketers)

If you have the best product, why are you afraid to ask people to buy it?

OK, I now know I have to always assume the sale. My new task was just to make sure I was selling the best product and then assuming the sale would be easy. If you don’t believe you are selling the best product or service, the best thing you can do for your sales carrier is to quit your job and go work for the best. Believe me, you’ll be happy that you did.

I discovered the yes-set, band-wagoning, favor for a favor, the following of authorities, the scarcity principle, the liking principle, the consistency principle, rapport building, etc. were all based off of something called NLP. Neuro-linguistic Programming is a branch of psychology created during the late 60’s. I’ll cover it in depth in a long series of future articles! So I read every book I could find on NLP and recreated my sales script based off of NLP. My results were amazing.

I’ll show you the early scripts today. These scripts showed a 70 to 80% success rate. Also, I found that with a good script in hand I all but eliminated all of my phone anxity and started to love selling on the phone. Selling on the phone is not a Numbers Game, it’s a Good Script + Practice Game.

Get a Reason for People to Meet you

If you want to dramatically increase your ability on the phone, figure out an iron clad reason why some one would want to talk to you. I discovered that senior’s in my part of the country qualified for state programs, that would save them thousands of dollars, if they just filled out the paperwork properly. So I learned everything I could about those programs. It took me about a day! Do you think I was now comfortable assuming people would want to talk to me? Your right!

I’m Assuming the Sale, Because I have Great Skills Now What?

  • You need tons of practice ( Talk to 50 people per day )
  • Have answers to every objection on a script
  • Tape yourself ( Are you assuming the sale? )
  • Selling on the phone requires more aggression than in person selling!
  • If you get 3 definite NO’s, you should move on, most of the time (Don’t Annoy People)

Why Do People Hate Me?

At some point you will ask yourself this question, if you sell on the phone. You have to understand that 27% of people hang up on everyone. Even Publisher’s Clearinghouse, when they call to tell people they just won a million dollars. The reason why is that as children we were taught to respond with a NO, when we are caught off guard. Think how often have you said NO vs. YES to a child?

The 3 Principles of The Phone

YouTube Preview ImageOk, you know you have to assume the sale and you have the best product or service, so why would that be hard? Now what? You have only three new skills to develop.

  • Attitude
  • Acknowledge & Move On
  • Never ask for Their Permission ( Assume the Sale )


The best sales people are constantly in control of their attitude. They are never to high or to low and they do their best to see the best in any situation, in others and themselves. If you ever feel a bad attitude coming on, you can use a psychology trick called “Changing your State.” This simply means that by changing your body position you can change your mind state. So, if you are sitting at a desk, instead jump up and do some jumping jacks. Do whatever you have to, to keep yourself in a good attitude. Never stay around people with bad attitudes. And if you are an employer fire or just never hire anyone with a bad attitude, in your place of work. They are plagues upon your entire organization. In an upcoming article, I’ll give you a quiz that will help you avoid bad employees.

Why am I dwelling on this whole attitude thing? The reason why, is that clients can sense your attitude on the phone. That is where the concept of smile and dial came from. People like to talk with happy and excited people. If you are not happy and excited to inform clients about your products and services, why would they ever buy them?

Acknowledge & Move On

Phone Script for a Person that Returned a Request for Information

The following is a script I used with great success. I posted advertising in local papers and waited for people to return the mailers for additional information. This was the way I was able to get new people on the phone, even after the Do Not Call law was passed.

Me: “Hello, Paul?”

Customer: “Yes”

Me: “This is Derek Banas with ABC Insurance, How are you today, Pretty Good?”

Customer: “Yes”

Me: “Paul, I called because I received a request for information from you on ____, I put a packet together, and I’ll be providing it on Tuesday at 1 or 6:30, which works better for you?”

What did I do here? First, I established what they call The Yes-Set. If you get someone to repeat the words yes, for little things, the chances that they will say yes for the big thing dramatically increases.

Why did I say, “How are you today, Pretty Good?” Because I want to stay in control of the call and keep the answers the word Yes, if at all possible. Does this work? Yes, 70 to 80% of the time, if you assume they will say yes.

Handling Objections from the Person that Requested Info

Customer: “Not Interested”, They are Confused, because you caught them off guard. Just Acknowledge whatever they say and move on with the call.
Me: “I understand that, but the reason that I called…”

Don’t justify yourself by saying:

  • “Wait, wait”
  • “Well let me tell you…”
  • “Don’t hangup…”

Don’t start asking them questions:

  • “Who do you buy from…”
  • “Why do you buy from…”
  • “How much do they cost…”
  • “Are they nice…”

Just acknowledge their objection, and then move on to the appointment or the sale.

Another Objection from The Mailer

Customer: I have all the ____ I need!”

Me: “I’m glad to hear that, but the reason why I called…”

Remember your calling because they requested information! At some point they decided they wanted to buy from you, so why not assume they want to buy today?

And Another Objection…

Customer: “I didn’t mail anything to you!”

Me: “We’ll let me check my information to make sure I’m talking to the right person” “Yes, this is Mr. Paul Jones?”
Customer: “Yes”

Me: “And you live at 123 Main St?”
Customer: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, and that is in Pittsburgh, PA?”
Customer: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, Paul I have the information you requested and I’ll be …”

There are So Many Objections

Actually, there really aren’t all that many. Here is a list of all the objections you will hear:

  • I’m not Interested
  • I have all the ___ I need
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have any money
  • Expletive
  • Hangup

That is everything you need to be prepared for. If you assume and control the conversation, you will never get any other objection. However, if you let the call turn into a Q & A session, you know you went wrong and now the customer is in charge.

Everyone Just Hangs Up, What Do I Do

Call them back. I know that sounds terrible and rude, but when I called I followed this script:

Me: “Hello, Paul were we disconnected or did you hang up?” ( 80% will say you were disconnected )

Me: “Great, the reason for my call…”

Wow, you must of got an ear full after you pulled that, I bet your thinking. Actually never. Normally people would compliment me on my sales skills. Also, because they hung up on me, most people will feel bad and hear me out. Just remember be persistent, but polite!

Does This Script Really Work?

Here are the results I got after teaching new trainees this script:

  • The average person that followed my scripts, made 1 appointment for every 10 conversations, during their first week!
  • The average person that followed my scripts, made 1 appointment for every 6 conversations, after 2 weeks experience!
  • In comparison, the average agent company wide made 1 appointment for every 20 conversations. That is including agents with 10 + years of experience.

What did the new trainees struggle with the most?

  • They had a problem making their first 5 to 10 calls.
  • They had a problem with waiting for customers answers. They would ask, “which works best 1 or 2:30” and then interrupt the customer before they answered. When you ask the customer a questions wait for the answer. Never say, “Are you there?”
  • They had a problem with asking for permission. They fell into a habit of saying, “is it ok, if we meet at 1 or 2:30?”

Your Phone Introduction

  • Must state name and company by law
  • It also is polite to state your name and company
  • Get excited and smile (Smile & Dial)
  • Some times it makes sense to sound like you don’t care if you sell. (The customer may assume it really is a curticy call.)
  • Pace their voice patterns, but don’t make it obvious. (Talk at the pace of the customer, while using their slang.)

Don’t Ask for Permission

YouTube Preview ImageIf your acting in their best interest, why ask if you can help? The number one problem, our new trainees had, was asking for permission. If you saw someone stuck on a train track, would you take the time to ask if they needed your help?

Don’t ask “Would it be OK if we meet on Tuesday or Thursday…” If you ask for permission 98% will say NO!!! You must assume you will provide a better product or service than a competitor. If you don’t believe your product is the best, your client will relize that as well. You must believe in yourself and your product or you will never meet your potential in sales.

If you find yourself in a Q & A session, you know you probably lost the sale or appointment. Avoid questions that don’t have a YES or NO answer.

If your not sure you can help, why are you calling? Again if your company isn’t the best, quit and go work for the best. Successful sales people don’t ask for permission. From what I’ve seen, the difference between the best sales people I have worked with is that the best assume the client wants to buy or meet with them. It really is that simple!

Tips for Employers

  • All employees must have a phone on ear at a specific time. (If the calling session starts at 9am, everyone must be on the phone at 9am. No exceptions!)
  • On Desk: Script, Leads, Pen, Drink, and Phone ( That’s it )
  • The phone should never leave the ear. You don’t need to put the phone down, to hangup. ( Headsets are worth it! )
  • An auto-dialer and tracking system is worth it (Forces employees to remain on the phone and allows you to track what they are doing on the phone)
  • Keep a Scoreboard (It is the employers job to help the employee have fun!)
  • Never leave the desk before you get 1 appointment or sale! (Having to go to the bathroom is a very motivational tool!)
  • Don’t book an appointment more than 3 days in advance

The Cold Call Script

Me: “The reason for my call, is recently we mailed you some information regarding ___, you may have seen that right?”

Client: “No” (Don’t worry about this No)

Me: “I understand, well let me check my information to make sure I’m talking to the right person.” “Is this Mr. Paul Jones?…” (Continue as before, to get the 3 yes’s)

Me: “Paul, I have that information for you, and I will be providing it on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, which works better for you?”

Client: “Why don’t you just mail it?” ( Gotcha )

Me: “Well, Paul I tried that once before, you didn’t get it and I wouldn’t want that to happen again.” Either or Close ( Double Bind )

My Debt Consolidation Script

Me: “Hello Bob?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Hi, This is Derek Banas from ABC Bank, How are you doing today, pretty good?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “We have set up for you to be receiving our new 0% APR, No Fee, VISA Credit Card and I just need to verify your name is Paul Jones, Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “And you live at 123 Main St. Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “And that’s in Pittsburgh, PA Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Debt Consolidation : “I’m Not Interested”

Me: “Well, I apologize if I was going to fast. Everyone I talk with wants to not pay interest on their credit cards Right?” (Assume they aren’t interested because you were moving to fast, not because they don’t want this great opportunity.)

Client: “Yes”

Me: “I forgot to tell you we will allow you to do exactly what you want!” (Consistency Principle) “We’ll allow you to transfer all of your balances and not pay interest on those either. That would make you happy Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, I just need to verify…” (Assume the sale)

Selling Small Products Script

Me: “Hello Paul?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Hi this is Derek Banas from Sports Magazine, How are you doing today, Pretty Good?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, We called to verify some info to make sure we get your magazine to your house.” (Consistency Principle)

Me: “Your name is Paul Jones Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Not Interested in Small Product

Me: “Oh, we understand you are looking to save some money Right?” (Make this sound like your giving up a bit)

Client: “Yes”

Me: “All our customers are like you. (Bandwagoning Principle) That’s why we now are going to give you SM for 75 cents, instead of $1.15 an issue that you pay now! (Consistency Principle) I just need to verify…” (Assume the Sale)

Current Customer Sales Call

Me: “Hi Mary Ann?

Client: “Yes”

Me: This is Derek Banas from ABC Insurance, How are you doing today Pretty Good?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, Our customers like you have been saving a lot of money with us. Mary Ann, We want to apologize for not getting to you sooner (Sounds Like a curticy call), but we found a program that will save you money and next week I’ll be meeting with your neighbors!” (Bandwagoning Principle)

Me: “Are you a morning or afternoon person?”

Client: “Afternoon”

Me: “Yes, We’ll meet at 2pm on Tuesday or 5pm on Thursday, which works best for you?”

Getting Through the Gatekeeper

I hear this question more than any other. What you have to understand is that the secretaries job is to make sure their boss is made aware of good info while not wasting their time with bad info. If you leave a message, just give your name, number and then ask… “Hey, Ms. Secretary, everybody could use a smile. Could you draw a little smiley face on that note for Ms. Boss?”

The secretary will normally laugh and follow through by drawing the smiley face. Guess how many notes the boss gets with a smiley face on it? Why would the secretary draw a smiley face? Maybe because the boss should call this nice person? All I know is that we got a 38% increase in returned calls!

Three More Scripts that Got us Good Results with the Gatekeeper

  • “Mr. Secretary, I’ve been desperately trying to get in touch with Mr. Boss, for weeks. I could really use your help. What would you suggest I do to get a few minutes of his time?”
  • Who is calling? “I’m a salesperson, with xyz and I promise I’ll just hound you until I can speak with Mr. Boss. Could you help me with that?”
  • What is this in reference to? “Well we are putting a personalized brochure for you and we were wondering what problems you would like to eliminate in your office? Except for sales people like me!”

A Few Tips that Will Get you on the Phone with a Decision Maker

  • If you sent Mrs. Boss a direct mail or letter, you have the right to say “They are expecting my call”
  • Call between 7am to 8am or 5:15pm to 7pm
  • Try calling a sub-supervisor, purchaser, or anyone with any decision making power under Mr. Boss

Voice Mail Messages to Use After Talking with a Sub-Supervisor

  • “Hi Mr. Boss, this is Derek Banas. I was talking to sub-supervisor, and I owe you this much. When you call me I’ll fill you in.”
  • “Hi Mr. Boss, this is Derek Banas. I was talking to sub-supervisor, and you were right. When you call me, we’ll go over it.”
  • “Hi Mr. Boss, this is Derek Banas. I appreciate what you have done. Please give me a call. I’d like to talk with you personally.” ( Use after the boss wins an award or is recognized in anyway!)

I hope this article has helped you. These tips have made a lot of people tons of money and I wish the same for you. If you have any questions ask them in the comment form below.

Til next time…

196 Responses to “Telephone Sales Script : Phone Selling Systems”

  1. Pete says:

    I am starting a new carrier as a telemarketer with a payroll management start up (use to work as an engineer till I lost my job). So it is B2B to sales. The owner gave a script that is very simple. Basically says Hi I am Pete. We are expanding our business to your city. We want to be your payroll company and a list of benefits. There is no other script or objection list so I have to make all of those. I have had zero respond to his script. I am going to add some of your techniques to the script and see what happens. Thanks for your Blog.

    • admin says:

      I’m probably one of the best telemarketing script writers in the U.S. and these techniques are used in all of my scripts. I write for the biggest company in the U.S. and I’m under contract with them and can’t work for anyone else, but you’re free to use this information and I’m happy to answer any of your questions.

      The most important 2 things you must do is assume they will buy and start out every call with the Yes Set. I’ve written a lot about the Yes Set else where on this blog. For further information on sales check out my Advanced Sales Techniques videos. Everything is 100% free.

      • Sean Archer says:

        hi, can you help me out, I am new with telemarketing, I am selling Online Data backup, can you help me out with some tips on how to approach customers regarding this product

      • JOJO says:

        I am selling a Hair regrowt serum ..phonw how to sell …want script

      • Anonymous says:

        You have any tips and/or scripts for telephone security system sales?

      • Paddy Padayachee says:

        Hi Iam just startinga call centreand I am selling holiday packages. Please advise me what i would need.

        • Derek Banas says:

          You basically need just one reason why the person should say yes. Everything is based around getting them to say yes in regards to what you ultimately want them to say yes to 7 to 8 times. Then assume the sale. If they object, ask them the guaranteed yes response question I mentioned previously. Then assume the sale again.

          What is your response if a client asks why should I buy this from you?

      • Akif Azeez says:

        Hi, i make sales for uk customers of telephone lines i need a very good script which i can use to make sales of the lines?? plz help me im a fresher in sales

        • Derek Banas says:

          You just need to answer one question. What is the number one reason why I should buy from you? How much money will you save me, or make me? It is as simple as that.

      • Anee bekar says:

        Hi ……can you help me out sir ……i am new to telemarketing ……i want a script of selling a tablet…..( electronic Gadgets ) …. i dont have any script

        • Derek Banas says:

          What is the number one reason why someone should buy from you? With that answer you can build a script.

          • Reynolds Johnson says:

            Hi Derek!
            any suggestions/revisions/better ideas with this spiel?Thanks for the help!

            Hi Good Morning / Good Afternoon, I’m looking for the person who handles your General Liability Insurance?

            Hi, how are you doing today?

            By the way, this is **** from ******** Insurance Brokerage

            I would like to ask permission to send you a free quote regarding special programs for (Roofers. / General construction)

            This is regarding your General Liability Insurance.


            When is the expiration date of your General Liability Insurance?

            What is your estimated gross receipt over the next 12 months?
            What was your field payroll for the year, excluding the owners?
            Do you use sub-contractors?
            If yes,
            What is the percentage of your sub-contractors?
            How much do you pay for subcontractors?
            Is it individual or corporation business?
            How many employees do you have right now?
            Can you describe your business description?
            Is it commercial or residential?
            Is it 50% – 50%? / What is the percentage of commercial and residential?
            By the way, do you repair or remodeling?
            What about new construction?
            (Not necessary) What is the largest project that you did for the last 5 years?
            How much do you pay for your general liability Insurance right now?
            How many years have you been in the business?
            (Not necessary) What about in your profession?

            Can I get your email address, so that I can send the quote over your email?
            Let me just confirm your details (Confirm details base on the file that you have)
            I think I got all the information that I need.

            (closing part of the spiel)

            • Derek Banas says:

              1. It is normally best to get the go to persons name ahead of time. If you can’t get it without calling then simply call and ask for the name of the person that handles those decisions. Immediately say that you are supposed to get the address and name to send this information. This call isn’t a sales call and it shouldn’t sound like one. Make it sound as if you are just fulfilling a request.

              2. Now when you call back you can ask for that person. It would be very important for you to have sent the information.

              3. When they answer say Hi _First Name_ this is Reynolds Johnson from ABC Corp. how are you doing today pretty good? (Get a yes here)

              4. If you don’t want an in person meeting then utilize the same technique to get a yes for them to approve taking your survey. Value there time, but be aggressive.

              Y : Verify the name and address to get yes responses
              Y : I know you are busy _first name_ right?
              C : Yes
              Y : May I ask your permission to do one thing?
              C : Yes
              Y : To save your business (Avg. savings) I’d like to ask you a few questions. Would it be better to call back at a time that works better for you, or can you offer me no more then 2 minutes right now?
              C : If they are to busy use an either or clause to get a time, but they will probably say go ahead.

              6. Your questions need to elicit Yes responses as much as possible. Try to get estimates were possible with the first questions like “You’d say you focus on new construction correct?” (Use what ever questions you think will provoke a yes)

              7. Ask easy non-personal questions first like “do you use subcontractors?”

              8. Sprinkle in percentages as you go. For example “You’d say over 50% of your work is in residential correct?” YES “Our quote for a business like yours is normally 15% below our competition in that situation.” “That’s good to hear right?”

              I hope that helps 🙂

              • Reynolds Johnson says:

                Thank you for the help. Any advice/script suggestion with those declined reasons such as “we are not interested” , “I am happy with my current provider” and ” please take us off your calling list.

                p.s. I really appreciate your help!Thank you!!

                • Derek Banas says:

                  “Take me off the calling list is a drop dead response” In most countries it is illegal to continue after they say that. Even if it isn’t illegal for you if you continue it will dramatically anger the client. If they are smart enough to say that chances are they know you may be breaking the law by continuing.

                  As per every other objection just acknowledge their response in a kind way and then move on for the close.

      • Debasish Borah says:

        please kindly provide me a debt management script. I am facing problems and not getting a single customer. I will be very grateful to you… Thanks for the tips.

        • Derek Banas says:

          Are you doing a debt consolidation and offering a low rate for 6 to 12 months? If so I made a script that got a 73% closing rate using everything I have here (Yes Set, Acknowledge and Move On, etc.)

          Every time the object say “Yes I can understand that and you want to not have to pay interest on all of your debt for a year right?”

          If they object again ask them “if all of your debtors said you don’t have to pay interest for a year would you avoid losing all that money?” If they say yes, then assume the sale. That is all you have to do.

          I hope that helps 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Hii, can you help me out, I am new for cold calling,
        My product is solar panels,and am working for U.k customers, can you help me out with some tips on how to approach customer.

    • Maki says:

      I would like to ask for your help in regards to scripting. I am selling led lights. How do I sell this products over the phone?

  2. Bob the Expert says:

    In sales 98% of success is heavy thinking about a problem, using your common-sense and trading instinct. Here’s what you do: You ring the firm and tell who ever answers the phone your sending the target a letter or parcel and need to get the mailing name and address right, then shut up and L-I-S-T-E-N. You’ll be amazed whats said and what insider information your given etc about this person. Then later you ring back and ADD all this information into your conversation with the call-screener. Presto, they’ll put you through or expand what you need to know further. Sometime 2 rifle shots work better than one – so lets call this the 2 shots gets you that target method.

    • admin says:

      You have some great tips for business to business sales there. Thanks for sharing

    • Closer Kings says:

      Well Mr Expert sems to have it all sewn up, hmmm

      Yes listen 2 ears and one mouth they should be used in that order.

      But the most important ingredient in the whole process is YOU……

      So, you have to believe in yourself deliver the message with conviction and passion and tht will transport into your prospect if you cant do that, dont even bother wasting their time, or yours.

      Even though your on the phone and you think no one can see you, beleive me, they will feel it.

      Lastly, never lead with product, lead with need the call will go a lot further……… people dont care how much you know they care how much you care……. may have heard that before………….. FOLLOW IT

      Good Luck

      Craig (Scotland)

      • admin says:

        Listening is definitely required during a face to face sales call, but I’ve never found that listening increases sales on the phone. Actually every successful script I’ve ever written goes out of its way to keep the customer from saying anything but yes.

        In person sales, I have found require that you sell yourself 100% and then the product. Of course this all depends upon identifying their decision making principles and then presenting a sales pitch based on how they make decisions.

        I don’t think the old way of selling works anymore. I have a ton of sales strategies if you have any interest in them. They are all free on this site.

  3. Eric says:

    Do you happen to have scripts for upwelling Internet? I work in a call center and we are selling satellite. I am looking to ask qualification questions but the price of the satellite discourages the customer. Got any ideas.

    • admin says:

      I’ve written sales scripts for satellite companies. I do pretty much the same thing every time. I establish a yes set and assume the sale. I lay out pretty much all of my techniques in the videos here Sales Articles. My closing Techniques videos are very advanced and detailed. They can also easily can be used on the phone. I always found phone selling to be easier because you can be extremely aggressive while not worrying about getting hit 🙂

  4. Bradley Hughes says:

    With due respect, if you are planning to write a professional article, please check your spelling.

    “Your” is possessive, such as “It’s your car.”, while “you’re” is a contraction of “you are”. You have many examples of using this incorrectly in this article.

    Further, it’s a “courtesy call”, not a “curticy call”.

    • admin says:

      Ha I didn’t realize I said curticy call. I’ll look for and correct that. When I created this whole thing I didn’t expect anyone to pay attention to it. I just dumped my thoughts out every day. I wasn’t looking to be professional, or make money off of it. It still is pretty much like that. Actually I don’t think anyone would have ever paid attention to it without the grammar mistakes in my most popular video on body language.

      I guess the grammar mistakes actually got me a big audience? That’s why I have just kept it fun and not worried about going back and fixing things. It’s not that I think grammar doesn’t matter and I’ve improved dramatically over the years. I just don’t want to stop producing articles, while I go back and fix past mistakes. This is just fun for me. If it helps people great. If not, that’s ok also. Thanks Derek

    • Nila says:

      Wow, some people have a lot of time on their hands….This is a great article with lots of advice and information. Thank you

      • Nila says:

        I am selling advertising space online to clients. I believe in our product and know that every company needs advertising especially online. Sometimes I get over excited on the phone and talk way too much than what I need so scripts are really good for someone like me. I’ve made many calls but have not made many sales. There is a telesales rep that has made enough money to live a decent life for a year in one month!! I want to be the million dollar man, how can I improve my sales

      • Derek Banas says:

        Thank you 🙂 Yes, I have found it to be very gratifying to provide a free education to people all over the world online.

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you – just starting in insurance business – great tips and advice.

  6. Kim says:

    Firstly I would like to say that I have learnt a lot from this post. However I did find one part worrying.
    I think it might be illegal to not allow an employee a toilet break or any break if they do not make an appointment. If I am wrong then I think it is a horrible method of getting employees selling and in general a bad way to treat people who are you are responsible for.

    • admin says:

      I was being a bit silly with that comment. I’m sorry if it didn’t come across that way. I most definitely wouldn’t force an employee to keep working if they had to go to the bathroom

  7. Lera says:

    Great article, thank you for writing it. I’d really like to know your opinion: how do you feel about educating potential customers? I asked this question on some forums and the experienced sales people were strict about that: “if you want to educate people, get a teaching job”. What do you think? Do you need to explain the customer the basics of public-key cryptography or just tell them that they need to purchase SSL certificate because it’s good for security and that’s it?

    • admin says:

      Hi, My first question is are you selling on the phone? If yes you need to cut down on communication. The customer wants to know you are the expert and if they provide any input into the sales situation your chance of getting a sale will decline dramatically.

      You need to believe that the customer 100% should say yes when you make the phone call. Phone selling is all about you dominating the customer. You have to be aggressive. Here are some more tips on phone selling.

      If we are talking about in person selling, your number one goal is to get the customer to like you. Here are tutorials that will answer any question you could ever have about in person selling.

      I hope that helps

      • Robert says:

        What about appointment setting? I don’t you can be really aggressive for appointment setting. You will have to meet them in person.

        When you say aggressive are we talking about bullying little old ladies or just being pushy and persistent.

        • Derek Banas says:

          I’m not talking about bullying by any means. I actually give up after the 3rd No almost every time. I have never had anyone tell me that I was pushy on a call. I have however had people tell me I was a good salesman.

          The best analogy I can give is let’s say you are 100% positive that if anyone bought any other product then what you are selling that they would be getting ripped off. It would be your duty to give it your best to help them make the right decision right? If you believe in your product you should use that mind set when you talk to a potential call. you aren’t forcing them to buy from you. You are forcing them to not get ripped off by buying from some one else.

          I hope that helps

  8. Choukry says:

    Great article,I’m working at a call center and we are selling Sim cards for UK mobile networks and handsets also, Im having a problem to find the best script to sell the sim cards. Also Im having a problem because some customers dont tell their bank details over the phone, how to handle them or to make them trust me?
    How to rapport them?

    • admin says:

      I’ve sold just about everything you can imagine over the phone. I was really good at debt consolidations that required the person to give me their SSN, credit card numbers, and checking account. I did it using the steps I talked about in this video.

      The number one problem I noticed in those sales people that struggled with the phone is that they didn’t assume the sale. You need to have an immediate answer to the question “Why should I buy from you?”

      You have to act busy to help the customer on the phone, while giving them the impression that you need to finish the call so you can help the next person. You are on a mission to help the largest number of customers save money, improve their lives, entertain themselves, gain knowledge, etc.

      Hello Larry Smith? (Yes)
      Hello Mr. Smith, how are you doing today pretty good? (Yes)
      Excellent, my name is _____ from _____ and I’m calling to give you benefits…
      I just need to verify that you’re at _____ right? (Yes)
      And, that is in city, state right? (Yes)
      (But, I don’t want _____) Oh, I can understand AND I can understand you want benefits…. right? (yes)

      Always assume the sale. If they say no they are just confused about the situation. Who you are? Who your company is? Why your calling?

      Don’t allow them to worry about those things, but instead force them to focus on how you are going to solve a problem they have in a few seconds. They are the lucky receiver of your call. You could have called someone else instead and they would have missed out on this great offer

      Make sense?

  9. Choukry says:

    Okay, im sorry but which video are you refering to? and how to handle the objection of not giving my bank details over the phone as i should have the sort code and account no for the direct debit and the card details also!, and i sell a sim card of ” 300 mins, unlimited txt and 1GB int for 10 pounds” so whats the best script for this offer? and how also to rapport the customer from the “hello”? .. thank you in advance

    • admin says:

      Here is a huge tutorial on selling on the phone Telephone Sales. I talk about everything there in article format, plus I include 3 videos. If it doesn’t answer your questions send those to me after you’ve seen that tutorial. It goes very in depth. I hope that helps

  10. akshay arora says:

    i just wanted to know about the script of sales …and want to know the insurance selling skill and scripts.thank you and wld be great if you can email me on my id

  11. Harsh H Pathak says:

    Hai , Im working in an IT hardware industry & I’am struggling for scripts to catch hold on customers over phone . Please guide me and suggest best ways to get thru to the IT Managers.

    • admin says:

      What specifically do you sell? How can you make me want to buy it in 10 words or less?

      • Anonymous says:

        We are in to IT hardware industry (computers, laptops,servers, storage, softwares etc)in MiddleEast.I have recently come to middleeast from India. In Middleeast most of the sales calls happens thru telephone and mail medium & I’am finding it difficult to break the ice. How do I cope up with this?Kindly help

        • admin says:

          I need more information on your business. What makes your computers better? Are you trying to sell the computers over the phone, or is the goal to set up an appointment for a personal sale? Are you calling because of an inquiry, or are these calls all cold? Do you sell the computer with all the money up front, or on a payment plan? Any other information would be useful like a website

        • Harsh H Pathak says:

          Hello , Thanks for the reply. All my calls on phone are cold.
          My company website is ( my company site gives you brief about the B2B sales we do.My dept. is mainly in to DELL, Microsoft, Adobe , Oracle & Xerox. I work for Key Information technology , Dubai.

          • admin says:

            I don’t know if you know this or not but your products page has a 404 error. I haven’t sold PCs over the phone, but I used to sell auto parts, which are similarly priced. I found it was much easier to call the person in the parts department instead of the owner. I would then ask them about their worst supplier. I normally focused on who had a slow turn around, or what ever other issues they would bring up. I’d then find the products that solved their specific issue.Then I could approach the owner and state that Mr. Smith in parts brought up these issues and that we came up with this solution. Then assume the sale. Start off very small and build the relationship.

            I would think reliable PC sales could be an angle for you? Most computer failures occur because of harddrive failure. You could offer a better warranty than competitors by using Western Digital drives instead?

            It’s all about presenting a new sales pitch that perfectly solves your clients problem. I used to write scripts for debt consolidation. This is considered one of the hardest things to do over the phone because you require SSN, credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc. all over the phone. We closed 73% of those we called based on the simple question Everyone wants to pay less per month right? You just need to apply the Yes Set.

            You have to make sure all of your sales people believe your product is the best. If they believe that they’ll have the mindset that anyone that says no is an idiot. This is so extremely important! You and your people have to believe you are the best. If you do everything else will work.

            I hope that helps

  12. Ren says:

    Would you be so kind to send me some sample scripts for selling holiday/ vacation package. I am a first time telemarketer and im really freaking out. Our agency is selling discounted promotional holiday for a very cheap price. We dont really need to see the customer personally, we just need to book their holiday with us. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

    • admin says:

      I need to ask some questions. Don’t they provide you with a script? Is anyone else in the office selling better and with more consistency than anyone else? Do you except payment in full over the phone? Do you have a payment plan? How much money does it cost for the trip?

      With a little information, I can lead you down the right path.

  13. Ren says:

    Thanks for a quick reply..the package is 7 nights accomodation for just $249 per couple, we take credit card for payments, we do have a script to follow but i really need additional script just in case i get a negative response. I will start in June, yes theres someone who constantly selling this package better than anyone else( havent seen him yet). I have a 3 mos. probation and if i cant make the target, im out. Need your help please..

    • admin says:

      Wow, that is very cheap. I just spent over $100 a night for just a hotel room. The easiest thing you can do is listen to the top sales person selling. Copy what they say and the tone of voice. Are your calls cold, or did they request information on the vacation? If they requested information go directly into an assumptive close.

      Hello Mr. ______ (YES)
      Hi, this is _____ from _____ how are you doing today, pretty good? (YES)
      We received your request for ____ and to provide that to you we just need to verify some information.
      This is Mr. First & Last Name right? (YES)
      And, you live at _____ right? (YES)
      Just continue like that getting as many yes answers as possible. If they answer Yes 7 times to questions that pertain to the ultimate yes you want you will get the sale over 70% of the time. It is all about how you assume the sale. You have to be aggressive. You respond to negatives like “I don’t want that”, with “I understand that, but you found this deal interesting right?” Then push for the sale.

      I have a whole sales tutorial here Selling System & Selling System 2

  14. Ren says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! Its really a big help! I’ll just have to be more confident i guess.
    I will have to check all your tutorial videos to learn more. More power to you.

    • admin says:

      It’s all about assuming the person will buy. You have to truly believe that the customer would be an idiot to say no to you. Make yourself believe in your product 100% and you will sell it. If you ever get an objection, it is just a sign that you hesitated during your close. You can’t hesitate! I always had the mindset that if the customer didn’t buy they were losing out on an amazing deal. If they lost that chance it was my fault. If they however wouldn’t hear me out, which 15% of people won’t, it is their fault and my responsibility to get on the phone with the next person.

  15. steve says:

    hi i am a stock broker maybe you have some tips for me to get clients in a bad market like the one we are in now.

    • admin says:

      I used to be a broker for 5 years. I got into it right after the tech crash so I know what you were going through. Back then I just looked for mutual funds and hedge funds that performed great during any market situation. This is what I scanned for in Morningstar:

      1. Same manager for last 8+ years
      2. No loss of more than 5% in any 1 year
      3. Annual rate of return each year of over 8% each of last 8 years

      The list was short back then as I’m sure it is now. There was an amazing hedge fund called NLQ that I used to talk about!

      So, now when they say I’m not interested because I lost 45% of my money in 2008 you can say “I’m sorry to hear that” “Some people lost money in 2008” “AND, did you know that (mutual fund) hasn’t lost anything in the last 6 years?” “They haven’t lost anything and meanwhile every year they provided an average return of ____.”

      Your goal is to keep them talking, while moving them away from believing that everyone lost money. Do your research. I was always amazed that 90% of the other brokers didn’t know how to invest. You have to be confident that your list is better than everyone elses. Don’t show the potential client the whole list. Make them pay to see it. Otherwise they’ll just go to their current broker with your ideas.

      Be very aggressive on the phone. You have to be aggressive and know that you have the best ideas. If you aren’t sure that you are the best. Find the best investor in your branch and get their list.

      I hope that helps

      • steve says:

        thanks that was helpful. maybe you can give me some techniques on getting clients by advertising on the web, newspaper, kijjiji and so on. thank you.

        • admin says:

          The problem with advertising in print is that you can’t even be truthful with people without breaking a regulation. The whole “Past performance is not indicative of future results” thing makes advertising pointless.

          I used the phone and I also signed up as an interested investor at all of the competing brokerage houses. They would then invite me to dinners with their potential customers. I could then pick up clients on their dime. Did I ever get thrown out? Yes a few times, but I’m a pretty big guy 🙂

          I don’t know how limited you are by the do not call list? I’m guessing it has pretty much destroyed the industry. I also found a bunch of clients by being a speaker at investment clubs. They are always looking for speakers. I always preferred small gatherings. If you let it turn into a Q&A session and you know your stuff you’ll get a ton of clients that way.

          Spending money on traditional marketing is just a waste.

          • Sanie Ibahim says:

            its a name of the company which i have mention in the blog of website they contains the process based on vacation rental properties in which we have to call to the property owners and to convince them to get advertise their property on our website but i m unable to do that, i m unable to face their objection so i need some perfect key skills from u so that i can get some sales pls send me full proper script related to my process in my email id i would be vey happy if u’ll do that. thankxs

  16. Faye says:

    Great, this article is awesome it helps a lot with me being a telemarketer. Thanks Bob.

  17. Ryan says:

    Hi hi,

    I am selling mobile marketing for an iphone app and would love your input on how i can turn cold leads into prospects. Could you possibly show me an example of how to start the conversation.. And also, I am working with a ton of retail stores and it is very confusing trying to figure out who the gatekeeper is.. Any idea on how to do this in an efficient non-hard-nosed way?


    • admin says:

      The first question you need to have an answer for is what do the customers get for their money? How is this investment in your app going to pay off? If you tell me why someone would want this I can definitely tell you how to sell it

  18. steven says:

    hi Derek

    Great tips to use in selling…. i am new to real estate … do you have any scripts on real estate seller prospecting examples?

    thanks in advance!


    • admin says:

      What is your goal with making the call? Do you want to meet these people? Are they cold or warm leads? Did they show an interest in real estate? Give me a bit more info and I’ll do my best to help

  19. It’s amazing for me to have a web page, which is helpful for my experience. thanks admin

  20. Julie says:

    I work in a forex company and having difficulty closing the sale most of my clients say next week or maybe in a month what am i doing wrong?

    • admin says:

      You have to give them a reason to act now. What may change? Do you have any rapport with them? I charged headlong into every sale and did exactly the same things I talked about in this video. You have to be way more aggressive on the phone then you would be in the real world. Get them to decide on a minimum trade. If they do that, they will then set a precedent for all future trades.

      Do what ever you can to get them to make the first trade. I was a broker at one point, and I’d say things like “I know from talking to you that you’re a kind person am I right? I also, know you would make any investment if it was a good one right? Do you think it would be best to see what I can do for you (pause for 1 sec) You can only do that with 1 trade of _______ Then you would know right now what I can do ok?” Establish the yes set. Don’t allow them to say no. Use quick pauses to get them to assume they said yes. Practice with this stuff and you’ll get it.

      I hope that helps

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello i am working in australian process it is a sell process where we have to sale real sim card for mobile phone and plane for call rates phone we are providing at no cost means cm have to only for plane so how to make and what would be the best selling scrpt

  21. Ihko says:

    hello admin

    TOMOROW I have interview for a broker at a company who sells efficient energy solution, renewable energy B2B and B2C

    Can you provide me some script if he ask me for example: How would you start phone call( selling)?

    tip:It is UK alfa enery solutions

    • admin says:

      Sorry I couldn’t get to you quicker. Yesterday was Christmas and I wasn’t online. Every place I ever worked at just required the employees to read the script perfectly and show up for work on time and avoid breaks. I can’t imagine that they would have new employees write their own scripts because this could get them in trouble legally

  22. Steve says:

    Hi, I work for a business consulting firm and have to set up appointments to present our services by cold calling leads. My leads are small/medium size business owners (30-50people) who are not aware of the firm/services we offer. I am new in telemarketing and have no script. What do you suggest to sucessfully get those appointments ?

    Thx for your help


    • Derek Banas says:

      First I’m amazed that no script is provided! Is there a successful person in the office that can give you their script? If that isn’t possible then your boss should provide a great script. If none of the above are possible I’ll be 100% honest and tell you to start looking for another job. I never would do any work for any company that didn’t believe in scripts.

      Otherwise it just comes down to believing in your service and knowing deep down in your heart that business owners will benefit from meeting with you. You have to be 100% positive that there is a reason for them to say yes. If you find that 1 reason then you’ll be successful and won’t care about objections. They will meet you because they have to.

      I hope that helps 🙂

  23. Mrs.dharmishtha mehta says:

    I am starting telecalling for the first time. I would be selling an IT solutions to schools and colleges which will help them to get the attendance directly on their mobile devices. Your sales scripts are great. Could you please help me to design one for my project.


    • Derek Banas says:

      What is the number one reason why a school would buy your service? I need a solid reason that will make me want to say yes. Give me that and I’ll do my best to help

  24. Nilla says:

    I am selling advertising space online to clients. I believe in our product and know that every company needs advertising especially online. Sometimes I get over excited on the phone and talk way too much than what I need so scripts are really good for someone like me. I’ve made many calls but have not made many sales. There is a telesales rep that has made enough money to live a decent life for a year in one month!! I want to be the million dollar man, how can I improve my sales

  25. gita says:

    can you please help me out. i am a business development manager in a leading company in india . we are doing some projects in our own house set up. we are not into sales we are into services can you guide me some scripts to follow how to get some projects from foreign clients.

    • Derek Banas says:

      I always ask people to sell me on their product or service. If somebody asks you why should I do business with you what do you currently say? What objections are you receiving. If you give me that information I’ll gladly try to help if I can 🙂

  26. SAJI says:

    hi i am planning to take up this job as a telecaller for insurance appointment setting for my senior insurance consultant.
    My request to you, is since i am new to insurance, if you could help me with a script for successful appointment setting on phone. I would however be learning about insurance gradually but more importantly if i am able to successfully fix up appointments, even then i can make commissions.

    • Derek Banas says:

      It is very easy to set up appointments if you are very aggressive. You need to have a reason for them to say yes though even if it is a tiny reason.

      Here is an example. Let’s say you sent them a postcard in the mail. You could set an appointment even with just that.

      You : Hello Bob Smith?
      Bob : Yes
      You : Hi Bob, this is Saji from Blah Blah Insurance, How are you doing today pretty good?
      Bob : Yes, but I’m not interested…
      You : Yes I can understand that Bob, this is Bob Smith right?
      Bob : Yes
      You : And, you live at 123 Main St. Right?
      Bob : Yes
      You : And, that is in Anytown, New York right?
      Bob : Yes
      You : I’m glad I have the right Bob. Bob, the reason I’m calling is we sent you the letter on _______ and we were following up on that.
      Bob : I didn’t get any letter
      You : Yes I understand that. We will personally provide that information to you. Does Monday or Wednesday work better for you?
      Bob : I’m not interested….
      You : I understand that. (Ask them a question pertaining to your product that they must say yes to) Ex. You want to save money right Bob?
      Bob : Yes
      You : Great I will have an agent meet with you then. Which works best Monday or Wednesday? (Wait)
      Bob : Wednesday
      You : Are you a morning or afternoon type person?

      Continue like this. If you do this with kindness in your voice and determination you will easily close 50 to 60% of people even if they are cold calls.

      I hope that helps

  27. Nimzy says:

    I am working as telecaller in an IT firm and we are into information security solutions selling.Please help me with tips to bring down the client to meetings with an enhanced script that will help me set appointments with them.

    Best Regards

  28. Rex Khan says:

    i would kindly like to have your attention and for the best solution
    i work for a holiday home advertisement site where i call different customer to list their property.
    can you help me with some ideas and scripts how i can improve on that
    thank you

  29. Susan says:

    Hi thanks for all of your assistance I appreciate you sharing your expertise. I was wondering if you could help me tweak my script I have people hanging up on me before I even get a chance to speak, I’m not sure if its because the company im with or because they’re being bombarded all day long by other online advertising companies. I work for Yellow Pages Group, we sell mostly SEO and SEM packages through Google Yahoo and Bing, mobile advertising, and placement on

    Here’s my scrip:

    Hi My Name is Susan how are you doing good?

    Im calling from the online division of Yellow Pages I was wondering if I could speak with the owner or whoever is in charge of your online listing information.

    “That’s me.”
    Okay Perfect

    I’m calling because we’ve recently partnered up with Google so what that means is if someone is searching for a “drywaller in Surrey” (whatever business & city they are in) they can actually find you. I only need 20 minutes to meet with you and go over how to increase your online presence for less. What works better Thursday at 10am or Friday at 2pm?

    • Derek Banas says:

      You just need to further establish the yes set. It would also help if you could refer to information you already sent to them even if it was an email. That further establishes reciprocation (the act of making or doing something in return). You sent them information so they should listen to you. It sounds silly, but it works.

      It would also help if you have the contact person. If you aren’t sure then act like the person who answers the phone is the decision maker. You have to be selling immediately. If they aren’t the decision maker they will often send you to them. If not it really doesn’t matter because you have to control the conversation from the beginning.

      You can use the business name, address, etc. to establish the yes set.

      Customer: Hi ABC Company this is Paul how can I help you?
      You: Hi Paul, this is Susan from Yellow Pages. How are you doing to day, pretty good? (Raise your voice at the end to illicit a yes response. Do this at the end of every question)

      Customer: Yes I’m not interested.
      You: I understand that Paul, but the reason I’m calling is that we sent you information about your online listing information (Establish Ownership and act a bit bored like this isn’t a sales pitch). You didn’t see it, am I right?

      Customer: Yes I don’t remember getting that.
      You: That is ok. I just need to make sure I’m talking to the right person. This is the ABC Company right?

      Customer: Yes
      You: And, you are at 123 Main St right?

      Customer: Yes
      You: And that is in Anytown, NY right?

      Customer: Yes
      You: I’m glad I reached you Paul. We put that information together for you and will have your representative near you on Monday and Wednesday next week. Is Monday or Wednesday least busy for you?

      Customer: I’m really not interested
      You: I completely understand and when people look up your business online you definitely want them to be able to find you right?

      Customer: Yes
      You: So would you say you are normally busy on Monday morning?

      Customer: Yes
      You: Great I’ll have your representative fix that problem for you. Are you more of a morning or afternoon type person?

      Customer: Afternoon.
      You: Great I’ll have your representative stop by at 2 on Wednesday right? (Raise your voice at the end)

      Customer: Yes
      You: Thank you Paul, we’ll see you Wednesday at 2.

      You have to be very aggressive. I hope that helps.


  30. priya says:

    Hai , Im working in an sheet metal and fabrication industry & I’am struggling for scripts to catch hold on customers over phone and customers gets irritate from me and they dont give d appointments.. Please guide me and suggest best ways to get appointments thru customers..

  31. priya dhameja says:

    Hai , Im working in an sheet metal and fabrication industry & I’am struggling for scripts to catch hold on customers over phone and customers gets irritate from me and they dont give d appointments.. Please guide me and suggest best ways to get appointments thru customers.. Regrads! Priya

  32. siri says:

    hi.. it is a great information from your website can you please help me out,i started my career in an organization where i have to fix appointments for customers it is about telecom services.i m not reaching their target.gate keepers not allowing to reach the call to the right person could u please help me out for a script where i can get those appointments and this is my first job on this platform

    • Derek Banas says:

      What is your current script?

      • siri says:

        hi good morning this is siri speaking, how yu doing??
        im calling on behalf of commander
        i just wanna check how many telephone lines do u have?
        this call is regarding on your existing telephone lines
        it is free consolation
        i would like t send my business manager over to you where he say our plans then u can take decision
        thank you

        This is the script which i am using but most probe gate keepers not allowing the call t right person . i know this is wrong script i am using but i want t change my script please help me so that i may fix some appointments

        • Derek Banas says:

          You need to establish a yes set (Get them to say yes many times). You must also have a reason for them to buy. I don’t know what you are selling. Why should I buy from you?

          What do you say if the person asks the following questions :

          1. What is commander?
          2. Why should I meet with your business manager?
          3. What are you selling?
          4. What benefit does your product offer?

          Get me that information and I’ll try to help

          • siri says:

            1)it is the 3rd largest telecom services in Australia
            it largest reseller of telstra
            with our services u can save 20-30 % every month on Ur telephone bills
            2)(all the plans which we cant explain in a single call because if he had a broadband and mobile it has separate plans rite so for that purpose bm)each and every person has different some people have small and large business so business manager help out for that and how much amount they can save from existing bills

            • Derek Banas says:

              That is your selling point then. Figure out what the average monthly bill is to provide them with a dollar amount instead of a percentage. That works better. So your retort to an objection is I can give you $50 a month. You’d like an extra $50 every single month right? Depending on the customer you could say something funny like which would you prefer $50 a month or $600 a year?

              Have fun with it. If you can save people that much money the only objection they should have is set up charges or inconvenience. Address them before they bring them up.

              You are probably worried about any inconvenience we may cause you right?

              That is great, because we will have everything set up in 30 minutes. I bet you’re happy to hear that right?

              I bet you think there are set up charges. That worries you right?

              Well you’ll be happy to hear that there are no set up charges then right?

              I hope that helps 🙂

  33. S. Alam says:

    Your article is very very informative. Thanks for sharing your hard-earned knowledge.

    I need to write a telemarketing script for a company selling solutions in the information security domain. I am totally new in this field (telemarketing). So I am wondering if you can help me with some samples and how to start off! The company is looking more at solutions wide telemarketing script instead of individual products, while their product/solutions mainly consist of the following technology trends:
    1. Disaster recovery
    2. Storage and information management
    3. Network optimization
    4. System management
    5. Backup

    Your kind & prompt response in this regard will be much appreciated.

    • Derek Banas says:

      I need a bit of information on the following:

      1. Disaster recovery
      2. Storage and information management
      3. Network optimization
      4. System management
      5. Backup

      a. How much money could you save them?
      b. Are you cheaper then what they currently have?
      c. Are you more reliable then what they currently have?
      d. What benefits do you offer over the competition?

      You need to fine a catch all response for any objection they could offer. Every product must have it. I used to use the following for many products.

      Client : I’m not interested
      You : I understand that and you are also interested in saving $150 a month right?

      Have fun with it. They don’t know you more then likely so you have to get them to listen and then sell them on why they should meet you.

      I used to say to potential clients “If I was to ask if I can give you $150 what would you say?”

      They’d say I’d take it. Ok, so if I offer to give you $150 every month you’d take that as well right? Yes

      And, then close for the appointment. Be aggressive, but nice and funny and you’ll get in the door.

  34. Tema says:

    Hi Derek,
    do you have sale script telemarketing for selling water from Fiji to Australia

    • Derek Banas says:

      Every script is basically the same as long as you can give one good reason why the person would benefit from buying your product. Establish the yes set. Confirm objections and move on. Assume the sale.

  35. Hi, just wanted to mention, I loved this post. It was helpful.

    Keep on posting!

  36. Kevin says:

    Hello I am starting a cold calling team and we are goijng to sell dead sea cosmetics can you please give me a “skeleton” pitch that we can alter to our preference?

  37. Raju says:


    Firstly thanks for a great article.

    I am the founder of a IT development service company. Our company provides development services for client located mostly in US and Europe and our idea is to Outsource the development to a country that have less development cost.

    So i was wondering if u could help me get a script that will work for me.

    I believe that we can lower and help customers get a solid and great product from us.

    Regards Raju


  38. Antoineeta Barker says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I have read through some of the suggenstions and have found them helpful and even tested it out.

    I am in inbound sales, license health/life insurance (1st time phone sales). The customers are calling us. They want the product but I am not closing successfully.

    Thank you for calling abc company, this is Antoineeta your license agent, who am I speaking with today?
    Customer: This is James Doe
    me: Hello James how are you today?
    I understand you are looking for coverage?
    customer: Yes, I need to have health coverage for me and my family.
    me: James, I will be happy to help find the right coverage for you and your family. Tell me James, what benefits are you looking to have in your coverage?
    customer: xy & z benefits
    me: Based off the information you provided to me James, I found this plan with xyz benefits with a premium of $$, isnt this great?
    customer: yes, it is but I need to talk to my spouse or Im still shopping around or I don’t know
    me: I can call your spouse on three way, You wont find a better rate than what we offer with all the benefits, you said this is great, what are you not convinced about?

    I might land a close but for the most part..”let me get back to you”…I need help? I like the thrill of selling…why am I not closing? I say maybe 1 out of 35 closing rate. Thank you!!!

    • Derek Banas says:

      You’re very welcome 🙂 I’m happy that I can help.

      If the customer is calling you then I can see the problem and that is that you are turning this into a sales call rather then a regular old get the problem solved call. This is probably your managers fault because they think everything should be handled as a sales call.

      I’ve handled these types of calls and I found that acting bored, but intelligent is the way to go. Never get excited. Make them feel as if they are forcing you to get them insurance. Act like everyone wants your insurance so there is no reason to get excited about it. You should act like a regular old order taker.

      Y: Hello this is ABC Insurance how may I help you?

      C: Yes I’m James Doe and I’m calling about an insurance quote.

      Y: Yes I can help you with that. And, who in your household will be covered?

      C: My wife and myself.

      Y: Ok, and I’ll need you to spell your name to make sure I get this right. I want to guarantee this doesn’t get held up in the system. I don’t want you and your wife to have to wait and you both definitely want to get this handled as quickly as possible right? (You want a yes here)

      C: Give you the name, address and other basic information (If they hesitate in giving you the basic information you want to take control and reinforce the goal to get the application done the first time and to avoid wasting time.)

      C: I don’t want to give that. Can I just have a quote?

      Y: I can understand that James (Use the first name), but I want to make sure you get this done the right way the first time like you said. It is important to get this done as quickly as possible and to get you the best price right? (Get a yes)

      Basically continue like that. Get them to say they want things like “the best price”, “the application to be filled out right”, “get everything completed quickly and efficiently”. After they say that, yes they want that, tell them you will get it done.

      I hope that helps. It can be hard some times to approach a sales call in a nonsales way, but I guarantee the customer will like it. Just always remain in control. That is your goal. If they object kindly agree and then move on with more questions and more yes responses from them 🙂

  39. Justme says:

    Boy was this post helpful…I am good in sales but I suck in for appointment setting…why am I so afraid to make the calls I have all the leads in the world but one no…and down goes the phone…I can’t afford to hire anyone right now I need to get on that phone…this has help me a lot…I’m going to watch the videos too.

    Thank you!

    • Derek Banas says:

      I’m very happy that I could help. Your issue is very common. Most people don’t like using the phone. I’ve always found that if I force someone to make the first 5 calls that it just gets easier and easier after that. Often if I told someone they only had to make calls until they got their first appointment that went over better then you have to make calls for the next 3 hours. After the first appointment you can then institute a reward program for each additional appointment made. If you can turn it into a game it can become fun.

      I always asked people if they were ready to play the most advanced video game ever. They would be matching their brain against another random person in the country. The best brain wins. It really is an amazing game once you get used to it and your tools being your script.

  40. Felix Kentjana says:

    Hi Derek,

    I am currently working as a sales in a Forex Broker. The goal of my sales call is to make them deposit some fund to their account so they can start trading. But most of the leads who registered dont want to deposit, they always use the excuse “I want to learn first” and ” I dont have money/time at the moment”.

    Please help me what script should I use to answer these type of rejection?

    Thank you so much Derek.

    • Derek Banas says:

      It is hard to just come up with something because I don’t know the specifics, but I’ll give it a go.

      The whole idea is to agree with them. Keep them in a yes mindset. So no matter what they say you have to answer yes I understand that and then move them towards an action that both agrees with their statement and then moves them to the sale.

      C: “I want to learn first”

      Y: “I am sure you do otherwise you wouldn’t have opened the account right?”

      C: “Yes”

      Y: “And, you want me to make sure you completely understand (the process) correct?”

      C: “Yes”

      Y: Verify some information that proves that they made an effort to open the account and to begin trading. Establish that they wanted to get involved in forex trading. Get them to agree that it is something they want to do. Get them to say there is value in the information you will provide them. Get them to say yes, or agree with you about 7 or 8 times.

      Y: With 100% confidence ask them to move forward with a deposit. Act bored. Let your tone of voice show that based off of what they just agreed with that making the deposit is the only intelligent thing they should do.

      If you master the tone of your voice when asking for the sale you will sell most everyone. That is the key. Think about your tone when you are 100% confident with a question.

      What is your tone when you would ask a kid “Do you want $100?”

      You can do it with a bit of practice 🙂

      • Felix Kentjana says:


        Thank you so much for the reply.

        It is still not clear to me though, the part when you say act or sound bored.

        How would you describe this?

        Thank you.

        • Derek Banas says:

          Your tone of voice can’t sound desperate, or excited. If you are doing the person a favor by giving them this information your tone of voice needs to be that of a person that is confident that they will want it.

          I always sold products that I believed in. My way of thinking was that if they didn’t buy from me they’d be taken advantage of by someone else. Naturally if they said they didn’t want what I had, which I knew was the best I’d act as such. For example

          M : Hello Mr. Jones how are you doing today pretty good?

          C: Yes

          M: (I’d normally push for more yes by verifying address and such) I was calling to let you know I received your request for ________ I put that together for you and can get it for you on Monday, or Wednesday. Which works best for you?

          C: Objection of some sort

          M: I can understand that. You weren’t expecting me to call today right?

          C: Yes

          M: I agree and I received your request and did the work you requested. Are you normally available in the morning or afternoon on monday?…

          They asked you for the information. I’m supposing your information is good. If so it wouldn’t make sense to have tone of voice of a salesman. There is no reason to get excited. There is no reason to hesitate when you ask them to buy. You have the best product and they said a month ago that they want it.

          It is natural for them to hesitate because your call surprised them, but there is never a reason for you to hesitate when asking them to take what they want.

          Imagine a situation in which you are trying to give someone something that they just said they wanted. Imagine also that you may believe that person would be in shock, or would be confused by what your are doing.

          You just saw a car wreck. A woman gets out of her car and she is quite disoriented. She is bleeding from the top of her head. You want to check on her health and you don’t want here to get taken away in an ambulance without her purse. Her engine is also smoking.

          Y: Are you ok ma’am?

          W: Yes who are you?

          Y: I’m Mr. ______ I saw you got in a car wreck and I want to make sure you are alright. Please step off the road and on to this bench.I saw your purse I will get it for you.

          W: Why would you do that?

          Y: You’re car looks dangerous and I want you to have your purse for when the ambulance comes. I’ll get it and be right back ok?

          W: I don’t want to sit here. I think my car is safe to drive.

          Y: You should sit. Your car doesn’t look safe. I will call for an ambulance for you ok?

          W: But, I don’t think I need an ambulance.

          You are trying to do the right thing here which is to get the woman out of harms way, get her her purse and call for an ambulance. What would your tone of voice be during this exchange? It wouldn’t be hesitant for sure. You also wouldn’t just say oh who cares and drive away leaving this person to do something that might hurt them. You need to take charge and do what is right. That is your job as the sales person for the best product.

          I hope that helps

  41. mike says:

    Hi Derek. First I want to say that is a very very good article. I work in a call centre for a while now and the thing that I’m doing is to find investors through a survey, And the thing is I don’t know how to pitch all of them, not a few. Baically, I need a very good intro.Can you help me in this perspective. The things are I want to know about them is this:When did they last invest, in what, if they invested in othet things, if they have an advisor or broker, since when they started to invest, if they are willing to invest again.Of course, the start is like this:How they think the economy will be, if they are more cautious since the recession/economical crisis.I know is just pre-sell call, but I really want to pitch a lot more.A lot they refuse me,like they are not interested and that Im trying to sell something or they are going out. They don’t realize that I’m gonna call them again and again until the do the study. I hope you can help me with a script or some advice. Thanks.

    • Derek Banas says:

      I have always found that being honest is your best course of action. Get them in the yes set and then ask them to please help you. Tell them you will be quick, that their information is very valuable, that you won’t ask anything personal and that you will not try to sell them anything on the phone today.

      Since you want them to submit to answering the questions you could say something like, “If I asked you what you thought of the economy how would you answer?” They say good bad or what ever. Then say see I told you it would be easy and I’ll go fast ok?

      You could also jump immediately into forcing them to answer by asking the above economy question. Then don’t ask for permission to ask more questions. Then when they say I don’t have time for this you can say “I understand that and I want to thank you so much for helping me. I’ll take just 7 more minutes ok?”

      Everything is just a matter of hearing the objection. Responding that you understand. Then very briefly responding to their objection. Getting a yes response and then move on.

      I hope that helps 🙂

  42. John steven says:

    can you help me out ?? I’m a telemarketer.I’m working in a call center.I’m working on a auto insurance campaign in which we are providing some free auto quotes.It’s a lead generation campaign and although it’s an easy campaign but it’s difficult for me to get some sales every day.Because i simply go according to script provided to us.So if you please help me out in the script of auto insurance quotes.

  43. Hi Derek. Great information. Look forward to looking over more of your posts. I am guessing you have already answered this, but thought I would take a shot and ask anyway. I own and publish a very small, monthly senior newspaper. Have spent much more time knocking on doors and cold calling than contacting via phone. I started the paper 13 years ago with no training in sales or publishing whatsoever. And things have gone fairly well but I have been stuck at the same place the last few years. Wondered if you would give me some advice and maybe provide some suggestions on coming up with a phone script for booking appointments for advertising sales? Thanks so much and look forward to checking out your other posts.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 I have done door to door sales as well. Basically the difference between in person and phone sales is that you have to be way more aggressive on the phone. The stuff you read about “Always Be Closing”, that may not work face to face must be used on the phone.

      I pretty much cover everything I’ve done script wise in these tutorials.

      1. Establish yes set
      2. Confirm objection + Ask a question to get a yes + Assume the sale again
      3. Have an “Iron Clad” response guaranteed to get a yes (It must be directly related to them saying yes they will buy)
      4. Assume the sale with total belief

      I hope that helps. With your experience I would imagine you’ll do great!

  44. vinarella says:

    Thank you for all of your sales tips! I’d be grateful for some specific advice on calling current customers. I work for a large winery and most of our visitors are from out of town. My job is to call our wine club members (people that have spent over $500 when they visited) and sell to them after they’ve gone back home. We give them special discounts but many seem to have lost their enthusiasm once they’ve left the winery and a few months have passed (or the reality of the expense kicks in…). Btw, our wines are exclusive, top tier, award winners and most visitors are well to do. Any suggestions?

    • Derek Banas says:

      If you deal with a well to do clientele you will need to wow them first with a marketing piece. When I was in the investment world I used to send out a beautiful gold leaf brochure to my muni bond buyers. I used to make a point of pointing out issues that I didn’t offer. My goal was always to be a valuable source of information. Valuable information is worth way more then a regular old sales person.

      I’m having a hard time finding a great example of a door opener from a wine manufacturer. I did find a great example from a vapor liquid company that sells for $1.25 a milliliter! Check out Five Pawns marketing. This company is making 3 times what their competitors are making mainly because of marketing.

      Maybe if you sent a sample with exquisite packaging you could draw them in. People always want what they can’t have. A limited issue wine may work. I wouldn’t even allow them to buy it if they respond. Offer it as a sample.

      By doing the unexpected you’ll stand out. I’d give them a gift. I’d follow up on their opinion on the gift. If they ask to buy tell them that it was a gift and this is not a sales call. Apologize for making it feel like a sales call. Then send them another as an apology. Be the best and make sure they know you are going to be the best. You’ll be that company that they want to keep an eye on.

      I’m not in the investment world anymore, but years after I left strangers would randomly ask me about investing. I did such a good job with marketing that it continued to spread after I quit. It can take a while, but it will be worth it in the end.

  45. Marco says:

    Hi Derek,

    Like a previous poster, I’m trying to develop a phone script for cold calling customers for IT services, specifically backup and disaster recovery, cloud storage, and managed services (outsourced IT).

    How much money could we save them? It depends on how much they lose for each day of lost business if their core IT infrastructure is down. Disaster recovery is a service that recovers their IT systems that in the case of an interruption, server failure, hacking, power outage, fire, or natural disaster, would not be available. So, for example, one customer had a fire and his servers were physically destroyed. We had them back up in less than 10 minutes because we had them remotely backed up.

    We’re cheaper than what most companies already have because most companies charge by the amount of data that needs to be recovered whereas we charge flat monthly fees. So, the more terrabytes a business has, the cheaper we are compared to the alternatives.

    This is one script I’ve used recently to try to set appointments, but based upon everything you’ve written, it’s way too passive and apologetic:

    “Hi John, this XXX from ABC Company. I know I’m calling out of the blue, but sometimes this is the only way to start a new relationship. If you have a minute I could explain why I specifically called your company and then you can decide if it’s worthwhile to keep talking. Fair enough?

    Great. ABC Company works with companies to provide business continuity and disaster recovery solutions so that no matter what happens, your company will stay in operation even when the competition isn’t. Just so I don’t waste anyone’s time, may I ask you:

    Have you looked at developing a business continuity plan?

    When you have an unplanned interruption how soon do you need to be back in business?

    Well, based everything you’ve just told me, this would definitely be a perfect fit for you. I’d like to have one of our engineers get in touch with you for a conference call this week to see how we can best serve you, does Wednesday or Thursday afternoon work better for you?”

    How would you improve my script? I appreciate any suggestions! Thanks for the great blog.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Marco,

      Your script is very nice, but you need to get them interacting with you from the very beginning of the call. You need them to start saying yes very quickly. If you don’t they will literally not hear you.

      The problem with services like yours is that people think it can’t happen to them. A great weapon for you would be a list of companies that they would know that use your services. If they feel as if everyone is buying services like yours they will be interested (Band Wagoning). If you can name some people that they trust that do business with you that is even better (Liking Principle)

      Get them to say that it would be a disaster if they lost all their company files. Get them to admit that they would lose a lot of money if their computers went down for an entire day. Get them to admit that they are already doing things to protect themselves from this, but that it is not adequate. Stuff like that (Consistency Principle)

      Tell them that companies that they desire to be like are using your services (Authority Principle).

      Tell them that this is a limited time offer. Tell them that you can only install in certain locations for a limited time (Competitive Scarcity).

      Hit them with a ton of reasons to buy and at the same time tell them that time is running out. Buy now or miss out on this opportunity forever.

      I have more on this stuff here

      I hope that helps. It is all free 🙂

  46. Dyna says:

    Im starting a career in telemarketing, can u assist in script for telemarketing laptops and tablets
    Thank you

  47. Cassey says: have a very nice script…I cant help but to admire…
    Im starting to make call out for banks with regards to loans., and i cant help but get frustrated coz i cant seem to get a yes when asking to get datas from their Non performing Loans, most of its gatekeepers are were a yes but to the loan officers, i hardly get a yes.

    I will appreciate it much.
    please help.

  48. Claudio Gonzalez says:

    Hi Derek,

    I already have a job as a customer service rep (I work from home) but I’ve recently decided to create a company with a friend from the US (I’m from Argentina). We are white-labeling a product that will remain unnamed for obvious reasons and trying to sell it over the phone. I’m talking about natural medicine (sexual, over weight, skin, vitamins, etc). This is something I’m very familiar with as I’ve done it in the past working for another company, and I had great results. The difference now is that we are doing this on our own.

    I would really appreciate it if you could provide some tips to sell this kind of product over the phone. Even though I have some experience in this field, I’m really open for whatever advice you can provide. Also, we bought a couple of lists with potential customers (we have over 1.000.000 names and phone numbers) but most of them are hispanic, so I’m not sure if that changes anything.

    I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Claudio,

      Basically everything I cover here is what I use. Any way that you could incorporate the principles I have here in my negotiation tutorial will help as well. Here is another good one on Sales Psychology.

      I recently sold a bunch of similar products cold by utilizing the consistency, scarcity and the authority principle, while using a local authority figure to hold the customers attention. It took a while to get a bunch of authority types to agree that we could use their names, but it was definitely worth the effort.

      I hope that helps 🙂 I also didn’t delete your message. I must approve everything before it shows up for security reasons.

  49. Claudio Gonzalez says:

    Derek, has my previous message been deleted?

  50. Hi Derek

    Kindly i start my online store for handmade & handcrafted products from Egypt and looking forward to sell in USA and Canada. hope you can visit my site and tell me your feedback please …
    second request please i need script to use it, forgive my English not that good

    • Derek Banas says:

      I’m not very qualified in selling handmade goods. I mainly sell brand name goods. You will need to get involved in online communities that are interested in authentic Egyptian goods. Post any place where you can get your goods in front of people. If you make them yourself think about posting YouTube videos showing how you make them. Create Facebook and Twitter pages and post a lot with popular hashtags. Post on Pinterest and every place you can think of. I wish you the best 🙂

  51. uzair says:

    hi sir..
    could u pls provide me an auto insurane script..
    i have 1 but dat is not worthy…i need ur help

  52. Ritesh says:

    I am starting a small business where I will have to generate leads for the Debt Management company.
    Can you please give me a script.
    Which I can provide to my employees.
    So they get 100% results out of that.

  53. Laura Francis says:

    I have read through these blogs and there are definitely interesting ideas that I could use however this is mainly geared towards products and services. I would be interested to know what your approach would be on cold calling and getting names from the gatekeeper when you are a headhunter…how do you get the names using NLP without “ruse” calling?

  54. Sheryl says:


    I am promoted as a TM for telemarketing team, and its my first time to handle telemarketing team. Can you help us make scripts for Credit card Terminal?Our company also gives free banners and business cards, because we have a big printing company. so we wanna use the free banners and businesscards to offer to them as a selling tool.

  55. Prateek says:

    Hi Derek I’m in a process in starting a new call centre I’m offering free government funded courses which help unskilled people to get skill and get a job without paying a single cent.
    But the problem is they are so lazy they don’t get out of the home they are happy where they are. I need a help to set up a new script for new employees and just need something which can help.
    If you can help that will be great.
    If you want to know anything more please let me know.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Prateek,

      You always have to find the one thing they will say yes to. Do you have a rough idea of how much money they get for staying home? I guess the government is paying them for disability or something?

      Then do you do job placement for them? How likely are they to find a job through you? How much more money will they make. Is the training fun or can you make it sound fun?

      I know what you mean that so many people seem to think a tv and a bag of food is enough for life. It can be hard to motivate them. If you are able to create the image of a better life in their minds they will move. They probably have low self esteem as well. If you are able to convince them that they are worth while people and know that you like them they will move.

      I don’t know how much time you can spend with them on the phone, but if you can get them to tell you something that they do well that would be great.

      For example :

      You : Bob, what one skill are you best at?
      Bob : Watching TV
      You : Funny, I mean over the course of your life what did you do better then most people?
      Bob : I’m pretty good at fixing cars
      You : Fabulous! What else are you or were you good at?
      Bob : I used to run track in high school
      You : Bob, let me tell you 2 things that I’m not good at. I can’t fix cars and I’d pass out if I ran 2 blocks. That is awesome that you can do those things. You are a good man.

      Bob would you like to get some money to buy a new car?

      Bob : Yes

      You : Bob what I’m going to do for you so you can get that new car is to provide you with some free government training, a job as an auto mechanic and the life a person like you deserves. You are a great guy right?

      Bob : I’m okay

      You : You are better then okay. You are great and so let’s get that information together….

      I hope that helps 🙂

  56. ryan says:

    Hi sir. Good day. I’m new to telemarketing and I love your tips on how to become an expert. As of now, My products are vending machines and I call places or businesses where we can offer our products. The only script that he gave to me was this.

    examples of spiels

    Hello my name is Ryan I’m from (company). Is the person in charge of your vending machine available?

    If they say they don’t have one ask to speak with their supervisor or office mgr.

    (Tell them your calling from ——– let them know we would like to provide great vending service. )

    Please say this once supervisor is on the phone. would you guys enjoy a free placement of our soda/ snack vending machine? We install and service the machine. We keep it clean and always with fresh products. We would like to set up a time and a date for our vendor to come out and show you the type of machine and the products and prices. Remember there is no cost for us to place our vending machine. What is a good day for you?

    If they put you on the phone with their supervisor and they have a vending machine already. Just simply ask…. are you happy with your current vending company? If not we would like to provide service to you.

    Set them up with date and time.

    Can I ask for a much better spiel, this job is commission based only so I really need to make a sale.

    • Derek Banas says:

      It is always best to assume that the person that answers the phone is the decision maker. If they aren’t they will tell you who is.

      Also when someone answers the phone they will tell you their name. Always use their name in your opening.

      You : Hello Sally, this is Ryan from ABC Company, how are you doing today pretty good?
      Sally : Yes, but we aren’t interested…
      You : Yes Sally I apologize I just want to verify I have the right place. I called blah blah company right?
      Sally : Yes
      You : And that is at 123 Main St. right?
      Sally : Yes
      You : Great, Sally we provide a 100% free service that will make for happy employees. Everyone wants to be happy right?
      Sally : Yes, but we aren’t interested…
      You : Sally may I ask what is your favorite snack? If you could eat any snack right now what would it be?
      Sally : Chocolate Chip Cookies
      You : Excellent! What I want to do is give you a free chocolate cookie. Not just any cookie, but a soft, chewy, and thick Nestle tool house cookie. Would you allow me to do that for free for being so kind to me today?
      Sally : Yes
      You : Excellent! I will get that done for you. We offer …. and when our Customer Care Specialist comes to see you she / he will have that cookie. I have a Customer Care Specialist in your area on Monday and Wednesday. On what day would you like that cookie delivered?

      I hope that helps. You just need to get comfortable on the phone and have fun. If you are having fun they will start having fun. You must have fun like you’re playing a video game, which you pretty much are except you are competing with one person on a phone. Drink some soda and get at it 🙂

  57. EAN ELLIS says:

    Hi sir. Good day. I’m working in a call center ,and i had very bad experience in this field,b’coz im not good tele sale
    im dailing for mobile postpaid connection
    can u provid me with a good sale script

  58. Steve says:

    Hi Derek, I wanted to say thank you for the Great Videos and Tips.
    I’m starting a New Business selling a unique product. I’m writing a script & trying to get a wonderful script together that I can use to get some sales. Would you be available to help me ? I’m will to compensate you for your time. Let me know your thoughts when you get a moment.
    Kind Regards.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you very much for the offer Steve. I basically give everything away for free on my site. Search for sales and / or marketing here and you’ll find everything you need. I hope the articles help 🙂

  59. Conner says:

    Hi Derek,

    I’m heading up business development efforts with my company for localized DIY reward marketing campaigns. The rewards we offer are mostly lifestyle experiences such as free golfing, personal training, massages or a pass to a theme park and my prospects are predominantly community banks and credit unions.

    The #1 reason why banks want to run a rewards campaign with us rather than offering let’s say a $100 cash bonus for new checking account clients is that a reward experience creates a stronger emotional connection when it’s tailored to the desires of the target market than a generic cash bonus.

    We currently have no inbound leads so I’m strictly cold calling.

    My script goes something along the lines of:
    Me:Hi, is this [name of bank]?
    Prospect: Yes
    Me (Cutting them off before they can introduce themselves and ask how they can help me today):Great, this is Conner with …, we recently managed a rewards campaign for … that drove new clients to over 20 branches. We’re considering adding …(prospect business name) to our network and there are some questions that I have before we can do that but I’m sorry, I didn’t even catch your name I believe.
    Prospect: My name is Jane Doe.
    Me: Awesome, nice to meet you Jane, can you help me find the right person to speak to about adding … to our network?
    Prospect: You have to call … and ask for …/ I don’t think we’re interested./ I don’t understand what you’re talking about./ Hold on, let me transfer you.

    That’s basically what I came up with to get in the door. Usually I will presume by telling a story about a marketing officer at a small community bank who reached out to us upon realizing on her birthday that she appreciates presents a lot more when the person put some thought into the gift instead of giving cash or generic gift cards and that it’s unlikely that her clients feel any different just because they’re dealing with a bank.

    At this point I will usually try to set up an appointment to present our capabilities depending on how the story was received and in the meeting I would start the yes set by asking them if … is the number of locations they have despite knowing the answer, then determine their budget by telling them that my clients usually fall into one of three categories starting by naming a minimum price that’s about as high as I estimate their budget to be, a second one that’s about twice as high and a third one that’s completely outrageous.

    Depending on the # of locations they have and the response I received on my client categories I will then run some numbers and tell them why it would make most sense to move forward with the particular volume I suggest. (continuing the yes set)

    I would then go on to ask if the terms look agreeable to them and lastly if they use the local branch or a PO Box for their shipping and then ask them to confirm that I got all the details right after reading it back to them before I ask them to sign the dotted line.

    Wow, this has turned into an extensive comment. I’m looking forward to your feedback once you find some time to read it.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Try to establish the yes set. I wouldn’t cut them off during their introduction. That will startle them. They are in the mode to listen after they finish their intro and you will throw them into a defensive role by doing that.

      The first goal is to get forwarded to the person that needs your service. Then start your pitch. Your going to want to establish the yes set first and fore most. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable by saying things like “can you help me find the right person to speak to about adding … to our network” Don’t pitch people that can’t make the final decision.

      Then you need to give them a reason why they should meet with you. Think of a problem they have that you can solve. Think of as many of these as possible to establish the yes set.

      You: _______ is something you want to avoid right?
      Them : Yes
      You: You definitely want to _______ right?
      Them : Yes….

      That is a proper yes set that establishes in their own words that they want to meet. If you have to give them an out like free consultation, etc.

      I hope that helps 🙂 Keep at it

  60. Dhewie Zivala says:

    Good Day Mr. Derek Banas,

    Sir, can you give me some tips how to deal with the customer who is not willing to pay any amount. because every time i call most of my customers they are simply telling me that they will not pay so i cannot perform and say what i want to say to them because the line was disconnected. i am working in collection agency in behalf of many banks here in United Arab Emirates and am i beginner please kindly give me some advice and tips how to deal with them.

    Early response will be appreciated.

    Many thanks and Regards,
    Dhewie Zivala

    • Derek Banas says:

      Do you have the ability to put them on a payment plan? I have found that most people want an out so they aren’t avoiding their obligations, but it is very easy for them to say no if they feel like you are asking for too much. If they then decide to pay any small amount they are now making a choice to head down another path.

  61. Sheena says:

    Hello Sir, I’m Sheena, marketing officer of Catanauan Cove Corp. Right now, I’m doing the so called cold-calling to the companies or schools and offering them our Resort’s new special group rate package. Our resort is especially designed for team building/company outings and the likes. Im doing the telemarketing for a month now and sill no one is able to respond. What should I do? Can you give me the best script in my telemarketing. Or could you give me some tips?

    • Derek Banas says:

      Give me the number one reason why they should say yes. What do you offer that will directly translate into money. Do you have any facts that your company has dramatically improved the results for those you have contacted? With those answers a script can be made. It all comes down to they give you money and your organization will translate that into more money for them.

  62. Naveen says:

    Hi Sir,
    I need a script to sell herbal medicine in USA. Please help me..


    • Naveen says:

      Sir, I’ll really appreciate if you could help me in this. Basically, I’m working with a company in which they have given me a new sales process of Natural medicine (Through email). Please help me how to get the positive result from the customers.

      It will be great if you could help me!


    • Derek Banas says:

      What is one reason that a customer must buy the product? Do you have leads of people that already buy herbal medicines?

  63. santro says:

    hi derek.. can u help me for selling home security seystems do u have any script for tat… 🙁

    • Derek Banas says:

      I need to know an iron clad reason why I should buy.

      If I was working on a script I think the most important thing would be to target the at risk cities.

      Number of home robberies ranked from worst

      Houston, TX – 26,630
      Chicago, IL – 22,748
      New York, NY – 18,635
      Phoenix, AZ – 17,924
      Los Angeles, CA – 16,388
      Dallas, TX – 16,090
      San Antonio, TX – 15,668
      Las Vegas, NV – 14,220
      Indianapolis, IN – 14,774
      Detroit, MI – 13,488

      Then I would quickly target not the lost property, but the psychological impact on the family. Most people can just brush off lost property. Everyone is afraid of having a family member terrorized.

      If I was selling this product I would get the person talking about tips that could help them avoid being burglarized. You have to get them to imagine a person breaking into their house.

      Ask them if

      1. They installed jams on windows and patio doors (If not their house is a target)
      2. Ask if they are positive that each is secured and what rooms aren’t safe? (Are they sure)
      3. Ask if they have deadbolts on all entry doors (If not they are easy targets)
      4. Ask if their shrubbery and vegetation is trimmed (It’s easy for a burglar to hide in)
      5. Do they keep the outside of their home clutter free as well (Intruders hide behind these objects)

      If you can get them to imagine that their house could be targeted right now, (Get them to say yes to the above) they will be more inclined to allow you to come check things out.

      I hope that helps

  64. Dave says:

    Hi Derek,

    I have been working in office supplies sales for years now. Our company recently got bought over by a bigger company and now the pressure is on to deliver bigger sales and generate a wider net of new customers.
    I have never been great on the phone and have, in the past, fallen into the trap of asking who their current supplier is and if they are happy with them. I have also asked for email addresses of the person in charge of ordering the company stationery and even after sending, what are at times better prices than they are currently getting, they don’t come back to place orders even after a couple of follow up calls and emails. Any advice or sample of a telesales script for the not so exciting but global wide necessary need for office supplies? We do everything from stationery itself (pens, paper, post-its, folders, files, ink cartridges etc.) to tea and coffee supplies (including biscuits & sweets etc.) to bathroom supplies and warehouse supplies. We are a regular one stop shop but I find the receptionists (who likely purchase this for the companies they work for) do not want to give you the time of day. Any tips or script advice would be ever so grateful for.

    I think one selling point or advantage we have over some of our competitors is that no order is too small as well as too big. Even the smallest orders get done because we always have a delivery van in the area.


    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Dave,

      I used to get through the secretary by asking for someone other then the boss at the company. Call and ask for sales for example, or someone else that has direct access to the boss.

      You could also fight for the call by closing the connection with the decision maker.

      Y: Hello Paul Boss please
      S: Who is calling?
      Y: Dave Salesman is Paul available I’m in a rush?
      S: Who are you with?
      Y: ABC Company. Could you put me through please?
      S: What is this about?
      Y: Profitability numbers. It’s important.

      You could also use the Consistency, Authority, Bandwagoning, Scarcity, and Reciprocation principles.

      You could also be straight with them. Tell them they are doing a great job and acknowledge that their job is to keep you from the boss. Tell them that you know you can save them 10%, or whatever it is. Then say if they’ll do you a favor and let you talk to the boss once, that you’ll never call again. Can you do me this favor?

      I hope that helps 🙂

  65. Michael says:

    Hi Derek i’ve been following you and trying to follow the step you had mention in your different post’s about successful salesman.

    i m with the sales business selling different sort of products but for now days i m selling electrical saving devices, in Canada since its been running for about 5-6 years now customers are pretty much aware of such kinda calls, i would like to know the best ever pitch that u can make for us, ill paste the pitch what we are using now.

    hope u will reply in details with informative edited pitch for my business success,ill looking forward for that.

    Thank you so much,

    Hi, Good after noon / Good Evening,
    This is AGENT NAME from Hydro POWER SAVER. How are you doing today?
    Reason of my call is to reduce your hydro bill with the help of an electric Device…
    Am I speaking with the concerned person?

    (First of all, you don’t have to sign any contract and you can stay with your current hydro company…)
    We are going to send you a device at your door step with a free trial period, so that your Hydro bill can be reduced up to 30 % every month…

    Suppose, you are paying $200 on your hydro then you can save up to $70 every month…

    (Hello) Hi, Good Evening,
    This is AGENT NAME from Hydro Power Saver and I would like to verify just few things regarding your Hydro bill. May I have few moments…

    Are you facing the issue of high hydro bills?
    Would you be interested to reduce hydro bill, without signing up any contract or without switching your hydro company?
    Would you be interested, in reducing your Hydro bill if we give you a free trial solution?
    Suppose, you are paying $200 on your hydro then you can save up to $70 every month…

    Hi, Good after noon / Good Evening,
    This is AGENT NAME. How are you doing today?
    I just want to verify that, did you receive the news letter from Hydro Power Saver which was sent to you a week ago.
    (Well, not a problem) basically, the letter was to inform you that how can you reduce your Hydro bill.

    We are going to send you a device at your door step, so that your Hydro bill can be reduced up to 30 % every month…

    We will send you a small electric device called as POWER SAVER. If you install it in your house then it will start saving energy for you entire house.

    Basically it has special Capacitors and a Micro Chip inside which controls the flow of current in the wirings and reduces the wastage of power and controls the fluctuation of your house and in this way, it reduces your bill up to 30 %.

    Installation procedure is very simple. Just plug in, into any electric outlet or power socket and it will start saving energy automatically, for your entire house. For the best results, plug in, near to the main circuit panel which I believe is in the garage or basement of your house.
    BENEFITS or FEATURES: (Tell about features according to the customer level)

    It works as a stabilizer for your entire house.
    It controls the fluctuation of electricity and voltage consumption.
    It increases the life of your electric appliances.
    It helps to improve the Power Factor.
    It recycles the energy, being wasted due to old and faulty wiring, fuses and older appliances.
    So recycled energy can be re-used.
    It’s a portable device having a life span of 10 years.
    Regular price of the power saver is $249. As you are one of our selected customers so price for you is only $199.
    The shipping is free. On top of that, it has 30 Days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Which means, just try it. If you like it then keep it. If you, don’t like it. You can get the complete refund of your money.
    Life span of the device is 10 years. Besides, it has a one year Replacement Warranty. If anything goes wrong with the power saver, It can be replaced with the new power saver absolutely free.
    So would you be interested to reduce your Hydro bill. OR do you have any question?

    If customer is interested then Proceed to sale order form…

    (For verification)
    I will now transfer your call to the shipping department and shipping officer will just re-verify your address. Thank you and please hold the line while I transfer your call…

    Thanks in advance,

    Michael Buenacruz

    Hull Quebec,

    • Derek Banas says:

      I have a few questions
      1. Can you guarantee they will save 30% per month on their bill?
      2. Do they have to pay anything upfront?
      3. Does their current provider want you to sell these devices? Can you use their name as a reference?

      If all of the above are true you can make a much better script. I’ll see if I can help with this info.

  66. Johnson Mariam says:


  67. Chris says:


    I am looking for some help to cold call small companies in the area.We work with small and mid size companies help them reach untapped market potentials.

    if you could help me with this in a cold call situation that would be great.

  68. I am a new distributor for a network healthy coffee company. I want to reach out to businesses and sale our healthy coffee to them. What makes our coffee so great is that it contains, 100% Organic Ganoderma lucidum in it. This herb has been used for more than 2000 years in chinese medicine for it’s numerous health promoting properties. Would you be able to assist me in a script to better my telemarketing sales success of my healthy coffee and teas? Thank you so much.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Sorry, but I have never sold health products. I’d look into all the benefits of your products and direct the right selling point to the right client. The number one problem I see in sales is that to many sales people try to sell quality when a client wants a low price and vice versa. If you have a quality list specifically targeting health conscious buyers then push the fact that your coffee is healthier then what they use. Otherwise cater to the clients wants.

  69. vidya says:

    actually am working in call executive in that we have to make an appointment with customers through calls but I didn’t get an appointment from customers please some tips to me sir

  70. gazza91 says:

    Hi im working for a car insurance company selling insurance. I do believe it is the best insurance for the specialist cars we insure but we not as competitive as other insurers. we cant advise and we have so many things we have to say or risk getting told off and getting marked down. How can i close out a sale? The most common objection i get is ” im going to compare with my existing insurerer” what would you say?

  71. Cat W says:

    Could you help me with my script? I’m fairly decent at writing them I feel, but I just started a new cold calling sales job where I have to train myself, and I feel like your experience could really help. Here’s the script:
    Hi, my name is Cat, I’m calling on behalf of This Company…how are you doing today?

    That’s great!

    The reason for my call is that Direct TV has a special offer for customers in your area, it’ll only take me a quick minute to run it down for you.

    Real quick: Who do you currently have for service? this thing or that? How many stuffs do you use in your home?

    The package is called:

    The Big Deal (yes, that’s the name of the package)

    This is a limited time only package and consists of:

    *Thing that is part of package
    *NFL Sunday Ticket (so you’ll never miss another game)
    *FREE installation and set up
    *FREE equipment
    *FREE (insert item here)
    *FREE (insert item here)
    ( features about free item here )
    *Keep all the stuff you currently have and gain more.

    (Savings of up to $42/mo or $504 for the first year)

    Most cable companies charge a large premium for not alot of service or channels.

    THe price of this package for you will be only:
    $_________+$20.00 (fully installed)
    The $20.00 install is a one time upfront cost that I will need to get today, but that is just the shipping cost on the equipment so we can get it to and installed in your home.

    So with that in mind, what day this/next week will work best for your installation?

    From there I can handle the objections, and closing the sale, but I feel like my script may be missing something. I feel that asking “pretty good?” initially makes the call come across as a “sales call” and I personally like for my customers to feel that it is just a conversation with an option to buy…an option that I make them feel they need to take advantage of. Thank you for any and all help.

    • Derek Banas says:

      What you need to do is overwhelm them with features versus what they currently have. You have use the yes set to get them to agree that they don’t like cable. “You have to get them to ask you questions.” You want them to challenge you. Then prove you can do better. Get them mad at their cable company. Make it sound like a sales call, but not an I’m bored sales call. You want them to know you want their business. Customers used to constantly tell me I was a good sales person. I was aggressive, but always very polite.

      Ask them questions like these.

      Y: Do you feel you’re over paying for channels you don’t need?
      C: Yes
      Y: 5 television service providers ranked worst for customer service this year. Do you know who wasn’t on that list of the worst companies for customer service?
      C: I don’t know?
      Y: My company! Direct TV! You deserve good customer service right?
      C: Yes
      Y: Do you wish the equipment you currently pay for was free?
      C: Yes

      Continue along those lines while getting them to say yes. This is the most important thing you need to do (Yes Set).Break things up by asking questions like

      “May I ask you a question?”
      “Do you know why I love my job?”
      “Do you know I live in state, country?”

      Use the principles

      “6.5% or 195,000 customers dropped cable last year” “Direct TV added 93,000 customers in the last 3 months” “Ask me how Direct TV is satisfying those customers?”
      (Bandwagoning / Authority)

      The free things you offer that cable doesn’t

      Use something like this is the time of the year in which we offer our best deals for (Implied Scarcity)

      Get excited and have fun. It is like a live action video game. I hope that helps 🙂

  72. nancyphander says:

    getting appointments for solar..
    im using this one but something seems to be missing.
    Good morning/afternoon, evening, Mr./Mrs.____. This is ______ with Kopp Solar & Electric. You very well may have recently noticed our trucks or vans in the neighborhood as we have done some work in the area.

    My company specializes in solar power ,plus there are federal and state incentives you can qualify for to have solar installed on your home for free. While we’re working in the neighborhood, we’re scheduling free estimates at no-cost or obligation. At your convenience, one of my solar advisors would stop out,…answer any/all of your questions you folks might have,… something right to your specifications,…provide you with tons of area references.

    -What time are you folks generally both home by on most evenings?
    any help would be appreciated

    • Derek Banas says:

      You need to use the yes set during the call. Make sure the client doesn’t feel as if you are talking over them. Give some specifics on how they could qualify for free solar. I’d actually be interested in that answer. The goal is normally to save money in the future and to increase home values. Touch on those topics. Discover one reason why everyone wants to say yes to your offer. Give me more info on the above and I’ll try to come up with something.

      • nancyphander says:

        thanks for your response I really appreciate it!! All I have is a flyer that I am working off of..


        *Reduce or eliminate your electric bill NOW.
        *Protect yourself against future electric cost price increases.
        *Increase the value of your home.
        *Zero maintenance cost.
        *And of course…SAVE $$$$ from NOW on.

        We specialize in helping homeowners select solar Power for there home.
        We partner with on the country’s largest power generation and retail electric providers with over 2 million customers. We help you reduce or eliminate your electric bill now. You can also protect yourself against future electric cost price increases.
        With federal and state incentives homeowners may qualify to have solar installed on your home for free.
        We would like to introduce ourselves and relate the methods and strategies that others have found effective in solar. I know you will learn some things and if you think of us in the future that would be great.

        I am just trying to set up appointments and I cant seem to come up with a script ugggg.

        I just started in this office and anything would be appreciated!!

        • nancyphander says:

          hey i came up with this..
          hello my name is _______ i am calling from ___________.
          We are currently showing homeowners in your area how you can save $$$ on your electric bill.
          We will have solar specialist in your area for the next few days. when do you suppose we could stop by and talk for about 20 minutes…
          great i have your address as _______ am i correct…..what day and time is good for you>>>>>>

          • Derek Banas says:

            You need to get the yes set to get them to start talking as soon as possible. Don’t worry about them saying no. Direct their yes responses and move on. This will lengthen the period of time in which they will listen to you. If you just keep talking they’ll tune you out almost immediately. I hope that helps 🙂

        • Derek Banas says:

          Hi Nancy,

          I did some digging. Is the company you are working for SunRun or SolarCity? I saw that those companies will actually install solar for free, but only if the house faces south and has minimal shading. I think this is your in.

          You should not use a sales pitch. Instead sound bored during the call. Still use the yes set though and make everything sound very business like.

          Y: (Bored) Hello Mr. Smith?
          C: Yes
          Y: (Bored) This is Nancy from SunRun how are you doing today pretty good?
          C: Yes
          Y: And, you are at 123 Main St correct?
          C: Yes
          Y: And that is in Anytown correct?
          C: Yes, what is this about
          Y: (Bored) We are currently verifying if homes in Anytown qualify for free solar panels based off of tree shading, correlation to the sun, etc.
          C: I’m not interested
          Y: I can appreciate that, you’d like to save 10% on your utilities for free right?
          C: Yes
          Y: I did mention that we don’t want to sell you these panels. They are free. We also only offer the panels if you qualify right
          C: Yes
          Y: Your utility costs through government subsidies will drop by about 16% instead of rising each year by 6%. We all like to save money right?
          C: Yes
          Y: We just need to verify if you qualify and that is it. Are you more of a morning or afternoon type of person…

          That is a quick idea based off of limited information on my part. You’ll have to practice and try different things, but keep the yes set. You are saving people money and increasing their home values based off of what I found. Best of luck 🙂

  73. Your blog is the first thing I’ve been able to find that’s been worth it’s weight regarding any real advice and action. With that said, do you have any insight, tips, or a script that would work for selling wine? I manage a tasting room and am trying to find a new way to increase sales but I’m feeling tapped and unaware of how to go about doing it.
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 It depends on your angle. I’m guessing your not trying to be the low cost bulk solution seller? I found that personally it is very easy to use reciprocation technique in the food / beverage industries. In the past we easily turned failing restaurants into major successes by giving away free food. I don’t know if that is a possibility or not?


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