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Many people say they offer free Marketing Plans, to gather leads or to up-sell people to other products. That’s ok, but today I’m going to follow through and not require you to give me your email, or offer to sell you anything.

I’ve been marketing successfully for the past 16 years and here I’ll list in order some of my best Marketing Articles I’ve ever written. If you have any questions leave them below.

Marketing : Targeting Customers Cost Effectively

This presentation will show you exactly how to create a cost-effective marketing plan. Some of the topics covered include:


Make your Own Logo

People asked me how to design a nice logo. So in this article I’ll describe the process in detail. Let me be frank! Most small business logos are terrible! Why? Because most people don’t follow a tried and true method for designing great logos. Copy from the masters. You can either pay a marketing company a lot of money to do it, or you can make your own logo.

Marketing Examples : Most Successful Ads in History

Many websites give you marketing examples that are the prettiest, most creative, etc. Today I present the most successful 50 magazine ads of all time. What I mean by successful, is return on investment. So if you want to create a successful ad you should use the following ads as a template.

Marketing Examples : Create Ad Headlines that Sell

Here I will show you the exact process for creating amazing advertising. I’ll will cover the following topics:


Marketing Examples: Writing Copy Pt. 2

I’ll go over the following:


Marketing Examples: Writing Copy Pt 3

I received a lot of emails asking for more tips on writing effective copy, so I compiled more tips for you. Enjoy!

Marketing Examples: Flyers & Brochure Tips

Here I provide specific tips on creating inexpensive Flyers and Brochures.

Marketing Examples Flyer & Yellow Page Tips

I’m going to give some tips on posting Flyers and Yellow Page Advertising. One is an inexpensive way to market and the other is more than likely a waste of your marketing dollars.

Marketing Examples Newspaper Ad Tips

I’ll give you tried and true ways to succeed through newspaper advertising.

Marketing Examples: Direct Mail Tips

Recent Gallup polls found that direct marketing was the most common communications medium during the late 90’s. Direct marketing refers to direct mail, mail order, coupon advertising, telephone marketing, direct response tv, door to door salesman, web sites, or any other method of marketing that aims to make a sale right then and there.

Marketing Examples: Radio Advertising

Now we are going to take a look at both an extremely powerful way to market as well as an easy way to lose money, radio advertising. The worst disasters in marketing that I’ve heard have all been in this form of marketing. People have told me stories of how they have lost hundreds and thousands of dollars marketing on the radio and they all occured because these people were uninformed on how much money it takes to market here.

Marketing Examples : Store Fronts

Here are Marketing Examples you can use to create a Great New Store Front for your business.

Marketing Examples : Best Store Interiors

Here are Marketing Examples you can use to create a Great New Store Interior for your business. These are the best store interiors.

Marketing Examples: Most Amazing Signs

One of the number one ways to make your business seem legitimate is to have an amazing sign. For some reason many business owners don’t have, or choose to use inferior signs. For those people that understand the importance of a great sign, I’ve assembled a list of some of the most beautiful sign samples I’ve ever seen. Use them as an example of what your sign should look like.

That’s All Folks

Did I keep my word and live up to the title “Free Complete Marketing Plan”? If there is any other information you would like me to cover, leave a comment below.

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  1. 951668 422679Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but i feel you offer something different. Maintain it like this. 203545

    • admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 This all comes from mountains of notes I’ve created over the years. I’m glad you found it useful. All of this stuff is my own and original typos and all. Feel free to ask questions. I do my best to answer all of them and thank you for the kind words

  2. Marzio says:

    Hello, as always, thank you for doing what you are doing!

    I did think of of a topic I would like to learn about, and thought I would share. I would like to gain a simple and practical understanding the internet from a communications perspective. Topics may include the TCP/IP stack, UDP, firewalls, DNS, home networks, DMZ, DRES, etc.

    Thank you for your consideration. Again, great job!

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