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Gestures and Body Language LegsRecently I’ve been sent many (over 50) emails on Gestures and Body language. Here I’ll provide to you every article I’ve written on the subject and a ton of videos as well.

I’ve become very popular because one of my video’s was featured on Stumble Upon. For those that sent me emails on how to be featured there, all I can say is create good video’s and article’s and hope one is spotted. That’s all I did.

Special Note: While it is interesting to see list’s of Gestures and what they mean, I took it a step further and teach how to apply these techniques in the real world. I applied all of these techniques in a 7 video sales training set. It’s all free and any of these techniques could be used in general to get what ever you want. They are not just specific to sales. Definitely check that out below, because it’s free!

I also provide examples on how you can apply this knowledge through poker in Poker Bluffs : Spot Tells in Poker. And, how to use them to stop customer complaints in Handling Customer Complaints. I hope these article’s will help you to apply these techniques in real life. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

There is a video for almost every article. To access the video, just click the link your interested below. Everything is 100% Free and doesn’t require a subscription.

Body Language & Verbal Analysis Article’s and Video’s

Sales Techniques Using Body Language and Verbal Analysis

Negotiating Through Body Language and Verbal Analysis

More Psychology Article’s and Video’s

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  1. Derek-This stuff is all very interesting and powerful.


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